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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to Laziness


I did so well last week and than I ran out of steam.  I know it is acceptable and it is not like we really starved but we just got really sick of left overs.  I really need to learn just enough for us and not for an army.  We were eating lasagna for DAYS!  This week we mainly survived on leftovers and takeout.  I am planning on making chicken adobo by request of The Husband and we just had tinola but I really didn’t want to think of planning any meals this week.  I did sucker The Husband to prep some Turon (banana eggrolls) to be frozen and cook them later.  I don’t know why but lately, I just wanted to eat Turon all the time.  I have been obsessed with turon since The Mother brought some Saba banana’s from California last time she was here.  I can’t find them anywhere here in Chicago so I asked her if she could bring some.  I didn’t realized she was going to be so much.  There was bags and bags of bananas in her luggage.
To make sure all the bananas didn’t go bad, she cooked the bananas in a simple syrup to preserve the bananas.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t home when she did it so I’m not sure the measurements.  We did find that freezing eggrolls and turon prior cooking, it ensures the wrapping to stay together better. 
Turon *The measurements is pretty flexible.  You could add as much or little as you want
30 Slices of Saba Banana Sliced (for one package of egg roll wrapping – 30 pieces, I used about 8 bananas)
1 Jar of Jackfruit Sliced
1 Package of eggroll wrapping
A little water to help glue the wrapping together.
  1. Take on of the wrappers and angle it like a diamond.  Place the a slice of banana toward the end of the wrapper but high enough where the banana is fully on the wrapper.
  2. Place the sliced jackfruit on top of the banana.  Depending on the size of the jackfruit, we would put multiple pieces.
  3. Roll up the wrapper until it forms a long eggroll.
  4. Freeze for a couple of hours if you needed it the same day or just save it for another time.
  5. I pan fry mine and you could cover in sugar or just leave it dry.
As a reminder, this Sat is the Nationally Food Blogger Bake Sale. 
2nd annual food blogger bake sale
Please join us on
When: Saturday, May 14 from 12pm – 3pm (CST)
Where: The Poison Cup Wine & Art Boutique at 1128 W. Armitage Ave (between Clifton and Seminary). To get there, take the CTA brown line to the Armitage stop or the #73 bus.
For more information, check out in good taste blog.
Here are some images of my prep earlier this week.  Any idea what I’m using these for?


  1. Delicious turon! Thanks for the tip on freezing before hand. I'll try that.

  2. Haha I do the same thing...I always cook way too much and then have leftovers for days hehe. I have been getting better about it, but sometimes it is hard with some things like lasagna and pastas.

    I love the eggrolls, they are so creative and SO yummy!!

  3. Turon? I am going to have to try these. They look delicious.

  4. I've never heard of Turon, but it looks pretty amazing! I love the idea of banana egg rolls, though I've never had Jack fruit, I'd be curious how it all comes together.

  5. This sounds like a delicious way to enjoy enjoy bananas...wrapped in a crispy crunchy pastry! Yum!

  6. How what a delicious, easy treat! Good luck with the Bake Sale!

  7. This looks so indulgent and nice!simply wonderful, thanks so much for sharing :)

  8. I like your pics and the recipe looks yummy too (except I've no idea what's so special about those bananas). And I was at your house, you didn't share!

  9. I always make a big batch of food on the weekend and live off of leftovers for the week LOL

    This recipe sounds delicious... something completely new to me!

  10. you lazy you! what blasphemous act to the husband! hahahaha! love love love turon. perfect afternoon delight. so Filipino! heard of a deconstructed turon recipe? i have one Joy. well not really me, but Chef Mike. Jackfruit is awesome but so expensive from where I am. just went to the market this morning and it was $23.95 a kilo! darn it!

  11. Uh, this doesn't appear lazy at all! It looks and sounds awesome!

  12. Dessert spring rolls, I love them!

  13. Lucky you to be able to get fresh saba. I love turon saba with jackfruit.

  14. Bananas are worth gold here at the moment because a storm ripped through the banana plantations, but how I miss eating bananas leisurely! These turons look fantastic!!

  15. What a delicious treat! I'd love to try one.