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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chocolate, Chocolate, and More Chocolate


I know I’m a little late.   For some reason, I thought it was suppose to be due on the 30th.  I think I need more sleep because it was actually due on the 27th.  It might be worth the wait since I actually made 4 different chocolates and a sponge candy.  My house, myself, and The Daughter smelled like chocolate.  There was chocolate everywhere including The Daughter’s face and my legs.  How does one find chocolate behind her calf?  Who knows but I did.  I used to always battle with chocolate and candy in general.  It would works at some occasions and sometimes total failure.  It is so frustrating.  When Lisa of Parsley, Sage, Desserts and Line Drives and Mandy of What the Fruitcake?! picked candy I was so excited.  I  was going to conquer my fear and frustration.  Frustration is an understatement.  I ruined 3 batches of chocolate including a bark and my Pate de Fruit didn’t set but I am trying it again.  I was able to get some them to work just lovely.  I was so excited when I heard the crack of the chocolate because I knew I finally got something right.  My chocolate tends to crumble.  I finally was able to divide and conquer to a point.  I still need a but more practice.  Here are some of my results (*pat on the back)….

Milk and Honey Truffles
1 ¾ Cup of Dark Chocolate
⅔ Cup of Heavy Cream
1 Tea Bag (I used Tazo Spiced Black Tea)
2 Tbs of Honey Butter
Cocoa Powder

  1. Place the chocolate in a heat safe bowl.
  2. Heat the cream in a medium size sauce pan and place the tea bag to brew the tea in the cream.
  3. Once it reaches a light boil, remove it from the heat and pour it into the chocolate.
  4. Stir until the chocolate completely melts.
  5. Add the honey butter.
  6. Let it cool until it hardens.This may take a couple of hours, I generally put it in the fridge for a proper chill.
  7. Roll out into small balls and coat it in cocoa powder.
  8. Serve
IMG_6011 IMG_6014
Lavender Sponge Candy 
2 ½ Cup of Sugar
⅔ Cup of Light Corn Syrup
6 Tbs of Water
2 Tbs of Baking Soda
1 Tsp of Ground Lavender
  1. The most important step is to prepare the pan.  Make sure it is large enough or it might expand over the pan.  Mine kinda exploded.  Coat it with vegetable oil and put parchment paper or else it will stick and you will be fighting tooth and nail to get it out.  I did. 
  2. Mix together the water, sugar, corn syrup, and lavender into a large sauce pan.
  3. Bring to a hard crack stage about 285F.
  4. Removed form the heat and add the baking soda (this is where you have to be quick and careful).  The mixture will start to bubble and you need to pour that into the prepared pan.
  5. Let let it bubble until it starts to set.
  6. Once it is cooled, break apart and serve.
I thought you it exploded
Coconut Covered Chocolate 4 ½ Cups of Shredded Chocolate (Sweeten but it is your preference) ¾ Cup of Condense Milk Melted Milk Chocolate
  1. Mix together the coconut and milk to create a mushy but not too damp filling.  You might need less or more depending on the kind of coconut.
  2. Let it sit out for an hour to harden.  I even put the filling into small molds and placed it in the freezer to harden.  It was easier to handle.
  3. Coat the filling in the milk chocolate.
  4. Let it set for an ½ an hour.  More if the area is warm.
  5. Serve.

The Daughter helped with the filling
Mango butter filled Dark Chocolate ½ Lb of Dark Chocolate Mango Butter Equipment Theometer (instant read ones are better) Chocolate Mold Flat Edge Spatula

  1. Temper the chocolate using the seeding method or your preferred method. Make sure you initially heat up the 32C or 89.6F.
    I used the seeding method: Set aside a small portion of the chocolate to be used later. I heated up the rest of the chocolate to 89.6F in the microwave (it took about 1.20 minutes no more)
  2. Add the set aside chocolate to cool down the melted chocolate.
  3. Coat the chocolate molds with the chocolate. Remember to shake off any access chocolate. It should be a light coating.
  4. Let it set for a couple of minutes.
  5. Fill the cavity with the mango butter.Pour the reminder of the chocolate to seal the filling. Smooth off any access chocolate by using the spatula.
  6. Let it set, depending on how warm your home it, it took me about an hour. My house was a bit hot. I actually had to put mine in the fridge due to the warmth.
  7. Remove from the molds but turning it over and hitting it against a table. The candies should pop out.
* I also did a walnut honey version by replacing the mango filling with a piece of walnut and a tab of honey butter.
That is how I filled them

The Failed one Sad smile  It was suppose to be a fresh Strawberry bark.
Any suggestion to improve my candy making skills?  I would love any tips and pointers.


  1. Wow everything looks great!! And I bet your strawberry bark still tasted amazing :)

  2. Wow this looks amazing...look at all that yummy food!

  3. I am so impressed that you tried to make your own candy! They all look wonderful and I am sure the one that didn’t turn out well enough made its way to your tummy.
    My only question is…how did you manage to eat it all?

  4. @ Kelly - I have to test it tonight :D.
    @Lilly - I gave away most of it. I so wanted to keep it.

  5. I love the lavender twist you put on the sponge candy - such a briliant idea, and your chocolates, especially the mango butter, are mouth -watering! Your daughter looks to be quite the sous chef - what a cutie! Thanks for taking part in our challenge!!!

  6. I want'll bring me some on Monday, yes?

  7. Love chocolate at the moment=) It doesn't matter if some of them are not perfect, when you put them inside your mouth they all taste yummy anyway! Good on you on trying on homemade candy, it will get better next time=)

  8. I think your chocolate looks delicious. I've read a few posts that say it was too hot and the chocolate didn't set properly. Could that have happened? I've never been as adventurous as you and tried making candy so I have no clue. There's nothing I can see that would stop my family from eating all of that.

  9. Love the mango-filled chocolates! I thought my honeycomb exploded too because it looked exactly like yours.

  10. So fun making chocolate with your daughter and the chocolate designs look so pretty and yummy too :)

  11. I have never seen that sponge candy before, I bet the honey tastes amazing. Good for your for conquering all of those candies!

  12. Just WOW! I didn't do the challenge coz it's really really hot and humid but I do so want too. Love what you made. The sponge candy is intriguing and the lavender one gorgeous. Actually all of them-FAB!

  13. Love the sponge candy! And more chocolate, please..after all, who wouldn't love them!

  14. Your candy looks sinful. I love the honey truffles with the tea in them...they sound unique and delicious. The coconut chocolates looks so yummy too!

  15. I think you did a fabulous job. This was a tough challenge for everybody. Love the added lavender in the sponge candy, brilliant. And the mango butter, wow.

  16. They all look creative and yummy. Lavender is a lovely addition, I love it!

  17. Sorry you had such problems! The ones that turned out good look really scrumptious!

  18. Your candy is amazing, with such creative and delicious fillings and flavors. Your candy turned out really well.

  19. Awesome! I want to taste the honey butter version, sounds great! :)