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Friday, August 26, 2011

A lovely Gift

When I started blogging, I didn’t realize how big the community was.  In the past two years I got to know so many people all over the world.  Their stories inspired me in a way I couldn’t imagine.   I even made friends from people across the world.  One of these beautiful people I got to know is Maya from Foodiva.  I was admiring some molds she used in one of her posts.  I have been looking for something similar to use for my hopia recipe.  She was so sweet and asked if I wanted some.  I felt so touch that she would even consider sending me anything from so far away.  Load and behold I received a package of a set of molds.  Unfortunately when they arrived they sat for a while.  I was nearing the end of my pregnancy and I was so tired.  I never had a chance to properly thank her. 

Maya –
Thank you for being a wonderful friend and an inspiration to me.  I have been an avid reader through I may not comment all the time.  I enjoy reading about all of your adventures and your willingness to make some of the most beautiful dishes.   
I did get a chance to make something out of the molds…..Jello.  The Daughter loved them, especially since they were so pretty.  I just used a basic Pandan recipe from the box.  I know I cheated.


  1. Hi Joy, I know how you must of felt! Only a few weeks to go for me and I'm really feeling the weight and tiredness of my second baby! Very excited though.

    I love these shapes. Very pretty. My blog is you're welcome anytime.

  2. These molds are adorable. I'm sure that your Daughter liked the cute shapes, too.

  3. The molds are cute. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Maya is really sweet and amazing, I have done a cross guest post with her and it was such a fun experience. I love all her little molds and how nice of her to send them. Your jello looks so cute.

  5. Two thumbs up on your choice of person and blogger to admire!

  6. Beautiful, and pandan is such a great flavor.

  7. I just got my mooncake molds from Singapore and will make the cakes next week. I love the color of your cakes. Look delicious!:)

  8. Joy, I just saw this post. How LOVELY of you to mention me on your blog! I really love what you did with the molds, those pandan jellos look so, so pretty. And I'm not just saying that because I sent you the molds...haha.

    I'm so touched that you visit my site so often, I have to start returning your visits! (it's just that sometimes, I don't know when you've dropped by if you haven't at least said Hi :-)).