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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to the Grind

I don’t believe it has been a couple of weeks since I posted.  There is multiple reasons for this, the main reason is that I went back to work.  Fun huh?  My summer vacation is now done and it will be missed.  No more day-time TV, after lunch naps, and walking back and forth from the fridge to realize there is still nothing to eat.  I was so productive (I hope you hear the hint of sarcasms).  My list of to-dos just got longer and longer as the days went on.  But instead of getting things done at home I took the kids out.  The Daughter had a blast while the Boy would have preferred to stay home. 

On my last weekend being a stay-at-home mom, I got tickets to an ice cream fest in the city.  There was 8 different vendors and a demo by Jeni of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream.  She is super sweet and even entertained the Daughter while she was signing my book.  I even learned a few things about ice cream making like corn starch is a stabilizer and to chill the base overnight. When it comes to ice cream, I can’t wait for the product.  That doesn’t always work well. 
These are some of the flavors we had partake:
Cherry Chocolate
Blue Cheese (not a favorite)
Goat Cheese (By Jeni)
Cantaloupe Italian Ice
A form of Moose Track
Banana Chocolate Chip
Ginger Gelato (Strangely The Daughter liked this one)
This was Pistachio Gelato (One of my favorite)
This was one of the Vendors
Of course she had to double fist it.
The Daughter had so much ice cream she was jumping around.  We had to walk around the neighborhood and than drive around to finally get her to sleep.  This was a perfect ending to my maternity leave.  Another reason is that I finally finished school.  You know what that means, I get to take all the random classes I want.  I’m a bit strange as  graduation gift, I asked for more classes.  Just this time it gets to be fun classes like more pastry classes and craft ones.  Time to have some fun.  FYI, I’m “trying” to reorganize my blog.  If you see some strange stuff, I probably broke something yet again.  I promise I have been cooking and I will start posting recipes again.  I just have to get the chance to get on the computer without munchkins climbing all over me. 


  1. The ice cream fest sounds like such a good time! Your little one is too cute with those two cups in her hand =)

  2. cute little one hear from you when time permits