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Monday, May 31, 2010

Cooking Channel

I had a crazy weekend, one would think a three-day weekend would equal relaxing but for me that never happens.  I was offered a great opportunity to cater a 5-year old b-day.  I pretty much cooked from Friday to Sat for a Sat afternoon party.  I'm kicking myself but I didn't have time to take pics.  I even made a cake in shape of Mickey.  Since it was a kids b-day party, I was looking for kid friendly food but I handed a challenge.  I had to make everything low-fat.  That was a challenge for me because quite a bit of Filipino food and kids food is high in fat so I decided to alter recipes to reduce the fat.  For example, I made spaghetti I used whole wheat pasta.  I even had the opportunity to make Ube Halaya.  It was exhausting but completely worth it.  On Sunday, we were invited to The Brother's Girlfriend's house for a BBQ.  The Daughter had a ball.  She got a yard to run around and her god parents (The Brother, and The Girlfriend) playing with her.  We even watched Harry Potter (Yes, I'm completely obsessed with Harry Potter, BTW I am a 30 year-old mom :D).  Here we are on Monday, I was just flipping the channels and found the Cooking Channel.  I'm totally obsessed with all food network and I have been seeing commercials about the new Cooking Channel for a month now.  I got so excited when I found that it was available for us  The Husband than groaned when he heard the TV :D.  I'm am currently watch Rachel Allan: Bake!  I'm totally loving this show.  This channel is all about cooking.  You should check if it is available from your cable provider.  I don't think I'm leaving the house today :D  Hopefully my cousin has some pictures of all the food I made but I'm not sure.  I'll post them if I could get some :D


  1. Sounds like a great party with great food. :) I love HP too, and we're in the same age group. ;) I've read all the books and have seen all the movies as well. I'm obsessed w/ FoodNetwork but wasn't aware of a new cooking channel... I'll have to see if I get that here. :)

  2. Oh it was great. I just wish I was able to pics. Oh yeah, I can't wait for the next movie. You have to check out the new channel. It is more about cooking than just food.