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Friday, May 28, 2010

Added to my recipe box 5-28-2010

I have so many recipes I wanted to share with you guys this week but I actually do run out of things to say at times :D.  I saved close to 20 recipes this week.  My list keeps growing, I have been pondering tackling a recipe or two a week :D.  That would also force me to clean out my pantry.  I'll let you next week what my plan of attack will be to actually try some of these recipes.  I think I'm at 400 now :D.

I have been following Oggi's blog I can do That for a while now.  Quite a few of her recipe I have made in the kitchen.  Late last week, she made a baked spaghetti with corned beef.  She even made her own corned beef.  The Husband has been dying to try to make corned beef for a while now.  The spaghetti looks so good.  She even made a cream cheese bechamel
A new blog I have been following is IslandEat's Blog.  On Sunday, she posted a wonderful version of flan.  It is similar to a custard cake but instead she made a Mexican Hot Chocolate Cake with the flan on top.  The interesting part is the process.  She put the cake on the bottom of the pan, which I normally put it over the flan.  As the little cakes cooked, the cake moved to the top of the pan while the flan was on the bottom.  She even used cream cheese in the flan.  I thought that was an interest twist to flan. 
Growing up, I didn't get to eat the same things other kids my age did (I had a lot of allergies).  As I slowly grew out of my allergies, my taste buds tend to be one of a five year old.  I don't remember ever making chocolate chip cookies so I never had the opportunity to actually eat cookie dough until cookie dough ice cream came out.  I love that flavor.  When Per l'Amore del Cibo posted a recipe for cookie dough cupcakes, I had to save it.  It looks really good and I'm sure The Daughter would love it. 
Earlier this week, The Cooking Photographer shared a French Spring Soup recipe.  I was attracted to this soup mainly because of the ingredients.  It had potatoes, asparagus, and rice.  Since rice is a staple in my house, I already know The Daughter would eat it.  The nice part, it is perfect for a summer dinner out on the patio with a side salad. 


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