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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Hi everybody -
         I know it seems I am only blogging once a week but trust me I have been experimenting all the time.  It seems I'm so behind on the different misadventures I have attempted.  One day I will catch up which brings us to tonight's topic.  I know it is still winter but it felt that my life needed some spring cleaning.  I have been everywhere lately and I need to set priorities.  I'm slowing getting a clue to what I want to focus on and this is mainly pertains to my cooking but I'm always interested in all food.  I want to expand more into the different stuff than just of my heritage.  I was born and raised in Chicago and it would be native of me if I didn't take the various influences that this great city has to offer into my cooking.  I'm hoping to also improve on my skill set so you will be hearing more about different baking and cooking classes I will be taking.  Other than my food life, I also have a family.  It seems that we have finally filled out house to the brim with stuff.  My goal this week is to clean out my closets and figure out what is essential to keep and what I could get rid of.  I also want a new camera so I'm hoping that if I could sell my old film camera I could get a good new one.  Crossing fingers....btw I love Craigslist.  It is the best place to sell items.  Especially those that may seem crazy to sell like a car battery and a wedding dress.  Yes I did say a wedding dress.  I have three of them.  No, I wasn't divorced before but I did marry the same man twice.  If that isn't commitment, I don't know what is.  So what is a person to do with three wedding dresses.  Yes, I could box them up and store them away in hopes that The Daughter will want it for her wedding.  If you know her, you wouldn't think that was possible and she is only 1.  I love and adore my daughter but she has a stubborn streak is a mile long and I hope she is original enough that she wants her own dress.  So I'm selling mine.  I don't need a dress to remember.  I have memories and pictures.  All I have to do is plug in my hard drives and look at them.  Having stuff is cool but sometimes it is needed for some spring cleaning and really evaluate what you really need in your life.  This always applies to how you approach life. I'm hoping to enjoy my family, friends, and of course eat more.  If you restrict yourself in eating, you are missing out in some great stuff out there.  Lets just think about it for a bit and I hope to post again soon.  Lets just hope the cleaning is done by than :D

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