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Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!
Every year there seems to some sort a fight about Valentines day so it was decided, we were just not going to celebrate the holiday this year.  As a family, we went to Chinatown for Chinese New Year.  We met up with my friend Anna from Blondie Cakes.  The morning was filled with eating, shopping, and more eating.  We got there extra early and we still was not able to find parking.  The parade was set to start at 1 pm and we got there around 10 for some food and shopping.  We walked around a little bit before it got really crowded.  The little one was bundled up so much, she could barely walk but she had a ball looking at everything.  We settled to eat at Triple Crown for some Dim Sum.  I love the stuff but again The Baby's allergies came into factor and we were only able to get a few things.  I hope one day she will be able to enjoy food like I do.  As soon as we sat down, The Husband got some chicken feet as soon as someone walked passed.  I'm not a big fan of the stuff but The Baby LOVED it.  She was screaming for more. 
I think she was more excited about eating from a chop stick
* BTW they were used as weapons against us. 
We got multiple dumplings and beef short ribs.  They didn't stay on our table long enough to take a picture.  OK we really hungry and the food was really GOOD!  I made sure we got some dessert.  I went with my favorite one: sesame balls filled with red bean paste and I picked bread filled with a sweet custard.  The Baby went for the sesame balls but we had to take it away which she was not happy with but the bread was good enough for her.  It was soft and fluffy.  The filling had the right amount of sweetness.  The consistency was similar to mashed mung beans softer.  We took one home so I could examine the specimen. 
Sesame Ball                               Sweet Bread with Custard
The Bread was her favorite.  She wouldn't let go of it to put on her coat when we were ready to leave.  She preceded to eat the pastry the whole time during the parade and she would not share.  That is my daughter.  Since I live so far away now, I had to go shopping in the restaurant supply store in search of a moon pie mold.  Much to my disappointment, I only found the larger size.  Maybe next time.  What is a trip to Chinatown without some goodies from the bakery.  The line was out the door and almost everything was gone.  I was really excited when a mochi type dessert was available.  It is filled with peanuts, sugar, and coconut.  I love the stuff and I always have to get some when I'm in Chinatown.  The parade started and The Baby was in awe of all the colors and music. 
We went to my favorite place to get Taho.  For those that don't know this, it is bean curd or tofu topped with a simple syrup.  It is great for breakfast and I normally stock my fridge up with it.  I have been going Gourmet on 23rd since I was a little kid and it has the best sesame balls in the area.  They only take cash, so come prepared.  After a whole morning of walking around, The Baby was exhausted so we decided to go home.  I bid farewell to my friend in hopes we get to hang out again and headed home.  Promptly as arriving home, we all took a nap.  I than took inventory of my loot from Chinatown.
 * I know there is a lot but I never get to go there.
Taho - Silky with a sweet simple syrup.  It is great for breakfast.  I'm slightly weird and eat it with Bananas. 

Coconut Balls filled with peanuts - Similar to a mochi ball filled with a peanut mixture of peanuts, coconuts, and sugar.  This is one of my favorites.
Sesame balls filled with Red Bean - Deep fried goodness made of glutenous rice flour and covered in sesame seeds.  I am going to attempt to make this one hopefully soon.
Fried Taro - The Baby was the only person that liked this.  We didn't like it really.  It wasn't sweet and just kinda tasted fried.
Almond Cookie - A standard in all Chinese restaurants.  It is sweet but to sweet.  It is a crispy cookie. 
These I haven't tried yet.  As soon as I get home, I'm digging in
 Coconut Tart  Egg Tart   Bread filled with custard and topped with Coconut

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