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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Day of Gluttony

 A Day of Gluttony
Unfortunately I don't get out much with a one year old, work, grad school, husband in school, and the beginning stages of a catering company.  My life gets a bit hectic.  So when one of the best friends decide lets to go the city and hang out, I'm all for it.  I got to be childless that day so it was a nice change.  We were suppose to attend a fashion but knowing us, we needed to eat so our day in the city turned into a food tour.  Our love of food is on the sick side but I guess that explains my blog. 
We didn't know where to go so we were driving in Chicago looking for food.  Chicago is the BEST place to find food.  Living here is probably why I love food so much.  There is so many different cultures and nationalities that contribute to the great food collection of Chicago.  We generally start on the north side and make our way south.  This time we started on the Northside and stayed north.  Our first stop was on Division and Halsted at Goose Island.  Most people may not know this spot because it is right across the street from Cabrini Green(Section 8 housing).  The neighborhood is improving but it wasn't the greatest place to be in.  When you see two little Asian girls walk in an establishment that patron a certain nationality, people will stare.  That generally happens to us when we go there but the food is worth it.  They specialize in Deep Fried Seafood.  It is the best place to get deep fried scallops and they are not stringy on the size, these are large pieces at a great price.  A bag of 1lb scallops would run you 9 dollars.  That also included hot sauce.  Sorry I don't have a picture because my phone got the blue screen of death.  Technology and myself are not friends.  Lets just say we finish off the bag within 10 minutes.  It was just that good. 
The next place is a choice The Father would approve of.  Pequod Pizza on the Northside.  It is right by the Webster Movie theater.  Every time The Father is in town, he has to get this pizza.  They only have two or three locations now but it is worth the distance (I unfortunately live 40 miles away).  We got a pan pizza with mushrooms, fresh basil, pineapple, onions, and extra cheese.  They are quite generous on the toppings.  The pineapples was actual slices and not chunks and we had cheese overload.  The crust nice and crunchy with a hint of butter but not to thick as a standard pan pizza.  We ordered a small and we were only able to eat 1 piece each.  We wanted more but we also wanted dessert. 
Next we went a couple doors down to Vanille Patisserie.  Their desserts was beautiful and very good.  We stood there staring for a good 10 minutes trying to decide what we wanted.  We ended up wtih three different desserts so we could try them.  One was a Mango mousse, Pistachio mousse, and a Coconut Mousse with pineapples.  The Best Friends favorite was the mango mousse while mine was more the coconut mousse.  As you could see, we finished it off. 
We also brought home a associated pack of french macaroons.  The coffee ones were my favorite. 
We had our appetizer, entree, and dessert, you would think we were done for the night.  I wish I could say that but nope.  We went to whole food just to "look" around and came out with a much of food.  I finally found Gluten :D .  Than we found ourselves hungry yet again.  So we went our old hangout during college.  Dappers in Addison, IL.  It is a great family restaurants with large portions.  By this time, we were way too tired.  So I forgot to take pictures.  I settled for breakfast crepe with strawberries and The Best Friend had a Russian Ruben with homemade thousand island sauce.  We will always love going to these places for the homemade food.  By this time, it is about 10 pm and we don't believe how much eating we did that day.  It was worth it.

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