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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pastillas de Leche Recipe

Pastillas de Leche Recipe
When I was growing up, pastillas was a given candy in my house.  Especially when someone came back from Philippines.  It was so sweet, soft but a little hard at the same time.  Let's not forgot the crunchy texture due to the sugar coating.  We loved the stuff growing up.  I was on the hunt for some Filipino food recipes, until recently, I generally didn't make those types of recipes, I would make pasta, meats, potatoes, any thing that required a microwave.  I stumbled on this recipe and it was so simple, I figured I could try it out.  The first time I tried it, I didn't shift the powder milk so it was a bit chunky.  The texture needs to be smooth.  Like all recipes, there is multiple versions but I always opted for the simple but fresh and good ingredients.  I hope you like it.
1 Can of Condense Milk
4 Cups of Powder Milk
Sugar to Coat
1. Pour the can of condense milk into a bowl.
2. Shift in the powder milk.  Make sure there is no chucks.
3. Mix until it is well incorporated.
4. Roll out into a rope or just take small pieces.
5. Cut into pieces or shape into short but pudgy (yes, I use pudgy instead of fat) ropes
6. Roll in sugar
7. Wrap in cellophane
See Simple!  Unfortunately with my little one, she loves getting into the sugar so I had to bribe her with the end so she would just go watch tv.   


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