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Sunday, November 15, 2009


Last night we decided to have a tasting at my friend's Christianne's house and invited everybody.  We didn't realized until it was too late that the Pac-man fight last night.  We are so sorry we missed the fight but we had some great company and food.  We cooked everything on our menu.  Well almost everything :D   Thank you to everybody that came last night.


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  1. we really enjoyed your tasting party.. loved the vege siopao and empanadas.. thank you so much for making them especially for me :-) Uncle Frendell loved everything he tried, but his favorite is the ensemada with ube... you and Chris are amazing cooks and we thank you for sharing your passion and your talents with the rest of us who are challenged in this area :-) you've made alot of people happy by cooking all these delicious foods... can't wait to see you again :-)