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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Experiment #3 Sigsig

As some of you know, I'm Seventh-Day Adventist and I generally don't eat pork but the other half loves the stuff.  When I have a chance, I'm trying this with thinly sliced meat.  This time we used pork belly.  
Pork belly or any other meat
Salt and Pepper to taste

First we seasoned the meat with salt and pepper.  Deep fried the pork and than my other half chopped it up.  While that was being chopped up, I sauteed minced garlic and onions until it was tender.  I put the meat back into the pan and let it soak the flavors from the garlic and onions.  Once the meat, garlic, and onions was well mixed lime juice was sprinkled to taste on top.  This recipe was taken from other recipes and I picked the different aspects I liked.  I would like to try soaking beef in pineapple juice next time.  The other recipes would have liver but both of us are not a huge fan so we just didn't include it.


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  1. What kind of Seventh Day Adventist are you brother