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Monday, September 12, 2011

Dailybuzz Moms and Clorox

Some of you may not know this but I was actually featured on dailybuzz moms about a month ago.  It was a total surprised to me since I tailor this blog a little more food orientated.  They featured my vegetarian palabok recipe from my Kulinarya Cooking Club.  I thought it was pretty cool.  Dailybuzz moms has been my part of my daily readings as part of my morning ritual.  I love reading about all of the things that could be adapted when there is children in the house. 

When the opportunity came to be part of the dailbuzz mom tastemaker program for Clorox, I jumped at it.  Last Friday the Husband groaned that I received yet another package (I have been doing a lot of online shopping…shhhh he just doesn’t know to what extent) but instead of one of the many treasures I found online, it was my free loot from Clorox.  The tastemakers goal was to assist moms in getting ready to the first day of school or in my case first day of work.  Clorox provided some great items.  I got some Clorox wipes.  Having a two year old and a 3 month old, we go through these wipes like water.  I love the stuff.  It makes cleaning so much easier.  Than there was some Glad Tupperware.  This is no ordinary Tupperware but it had a little cup that provided storage for any type of sauce like salad dressing.  I love that since I normally have to go to work with various types of condiments in my purse.  And finally, they gave me a portable Brita water bottle.  There is a filter inside of the lid so no matter the water source, you are able to filter out all of the impurities there might be. 
I actually had more picture but yet again, my computer keeps eating my pictures.  I edited them but somehow they disappeared.  I have no idea where they. 


  1. How cool is that, I like the little dressing cup. And I need a waterbottle...right now I'm carrying a cup of water around (then again, it gives me an excuse to keep leaving my desk).

    I am imagining a hidden folder on your computer where your lost pics are hanging out with all the lost socks your dryer keeps eating.

  2. I like that Brita filter bottle..very practical.

  3. This stuff seems really practical! Nice post.

  4. That is a very cool container. I really like the little cup on the lid.

  5. Your food photos must be irresistible to the hungry goblins in your computer.:D

    Cool gift from foodbuzz. The Britta bottle is very useful.