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Thursday, September 15, 2011

I’m a food Geek

Some people are able to just put a recipe together.  Some are able to follow a recipe word by word and achieve the desired results.  I do research on an idea I may have.  Every time I try to leap into something it fails = misadventures.  Instead I do a lot of research.  I’m a geek in that way.  I look up multiple recipes, I read up on techniques, and I even go to different places to see how they do a similar recipe.  That is what I did when I did the Daring Baker’s Chocolate Challenge.  I “researched”, which really means I ate a lot of different types of chocolate.  The day before I actually made the chocolate, I had the opportunity to be a taste taker for a hot chocolate line that a local company called Chocolatine had.  I have seen multiple versions of a hot chocolate on a stick, even my friend Anna made me one, but this one was different.  It had a marshmallow in the middle and the chocolate surrounded it.

Instead of adding the marshmallow after the chocolate melting, it was already incorporated into the drink.  Unfortunately, I can’t share the flavors since they are still testing but I did take home a few of their other flavors for my own pleasure.  I choose two favors to try:  a white chocolate and green tea version which was smooth and not too strong as some green tea products could become and a Mexican hot chocolate. I gave the Mexican chocolate one to one of my friends who I knew would appreciate the heat. 
I also wanted to test my styling with these beauties and some new props I got.  What do you think of the pictures?
My chocolate did not compare to theirs but it is a goal I would love to achieve one day.  Next step in my research is a “few” like 3 chocolate classes I was planning on taking.  If I’m focused on a topic, I try as much as possible to get the desired result.  See I told you I’m a food geek.

These pictures are not as good because my computer yet again ate my pictures.  For some reason it was not edible once I found them. 


  1. I like your little espresso cups! Nice pics. I'm still hoarding my chocolate, it looks too pretty!

  2. I don't think I have seen these hot chocolates on a stick, very clever. Poor you to do your tough research geek thing testing for them, looks like a great company. Love matcha great choice.

  3. Joy, hehehehe! that's why I love reading food blogs...each one is owned by a food geek=) I love the idea of the choc with mallow inside. I have to laugh while reading the bit where ur computer ate ur pictures..LOL!

  4. Hey, never apologize for being a food geek. I do research ALL the time too, especially if I'm doing a cooking challenge (which is about 8-9 times a month). Safe to say, I'm a food geek and proud of it..LOL.

    We never get these hot chocolate on a stick here, so one of these days, I'm going to make my own and sell them ;-).

  5. I like the first photo with the 3 cups. All of them are good. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love the idea of hot chocolate on a stick and your pictures are cute!

  7. Love tour styling and these chocolate sticks are cute!

  8. I'm a food geek myself. My favorite food books are the ones that don't contain recipes but talk about chemistry, ingredients and cooking techniques. This is why I love Harold McGee's books! Love the pictures!

  9. I love the pictures and the styling. I'd like to know how the chocolate on a stick is done. Maybe I'll do a little geeky activities and google it.:)

  10. The two newest flavors are now available on! They are Pumpkin Chai Spice and Caramel Apple. Thanks for the great feature, Joy!