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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I’m surprised it Worked

I haven’t been good at all this last week - I have been eating out way too much.  Well let me explain first.  The Mother is in town and when any of my family is here to visit we eat, eat, and eat some more.  The Husband was whining that he gained all the weight he lost in a couple of days.  Even The Daughter looks more like her dad due to the increased size of her cheeks.  She is extra pinchy (where you want to pinch a child due to his or her chunky factor – The Husband totally made this up) lately.  I was actually hoping to hone in on my croissant process but ran out of time (I also didn’t get any of the homework done in time).  I should have know better, whenever The Mother is in town I do not get to the stuff I planned to get done but she drags me to do the stuff I should have done months ago.  So it works. 

Another advantage of The Mother in town is that her and The Daughter gets to bond.  The Daughter has been extremely outspoken and I normally get blamed for the different phrases she shouldn’t say.  But for once it was not my fault.  On two different occasions, she told The Husband and The Mother to “get out”.  Lets just say, it didn’t go well especially with The Husband.  He walked away from The Daughter with the look of terror.  Of course I got in trouble for that one, than I caught The Mother telling her that when she was trying to clean up.  I pointed it out and started laughing really heard.  This also caused The Daughter the point and laugh.  The point of the story…watch what you say around a 2 year old.   They will repeat everything good and bad. 
On to my amazement…..
I had to go to a birthday party last Saturday and I was asked to make some Pinchi Pinchi.  For those that doesn’t know what this is, it is a mini cassava cake that is coated with coconut.   There are different ways to cook this.  Some says steaming works wonders, The Mother bakes it, and some says to microwave it.  The Best Friend (Girl) aunt told me that she tried microwaving it and it worked wonders.  I figured I would try it.  The Mother had doubts and she just walked away since I didn’t do it the way she does (like all mothers - she is always right).  It came out softer and it took less time to cook. 
Quick Tip… do not used the frozen shredded coconut.  It goes bad too easier.  If you could grate your own coconut, it is so much better and it won’t spoil as quickly.  If you have to use the froze grated one I would make it a couple of hours before you need it. 
Pichi Pichi
1 Package of Frozen Grated Cassava
1  Cup of Water
1 Cup of Sugar
1 1/2 Tsp of Lye (Yes, lye it adds to the chewiness)
Shredded Coconut for coating
  1. Mix together all of the ingredients together except for the coconut.
  2. Microwave for 5-10 minutes.  During the cooking time, remove from the microwave and mix it to make sure it is all cooked. 
  3. It is cooked when all of the mixture is not watery and becomes a light yellow color.
  4. Let it cook and shape it into small balls. 
  5. Coat with the coconut and serve. 

Those are the cheeks of pinchy


  1. looks wonderful cassava is a favourite haven't had like this

  2. I've never had anything like this -looks great!

  3. we call it Pichi Pichi. It is one of my favorite snack... nakakagigil naman ang pisngi ng daughter mo!

  4. They look super delicious! I really would love to try a few.

  5. lovely recipe, though I dont know whats lye.

  6. I think I would love these pinchi pinchi for dessert or as afternoon snacks :) Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  7. Those are cute cheeks! And the treats look scrumptious - never heard of them before! Have fun visiting.

  8. Oh she is just adorable...and this sweet treat looks and sounds so good! Thank you for sharing your creativity with me! I hope you have a blessed Sunday. You make me smile :-)

  9. I love pichi-pichi but haven't tried making it. I'll try your recipe; it sounds easy using microwave oven.

    Your daughter is so cute! pinch pinch:)

  10. I want to go to your tea party! Everything looks AMAZING, and it looks as if your photography practice has paid off :)