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Monday, January 3, 2011

I was Scared, Very Very Scared

I’m pretty gutsy when it comes to food but for some reason, this one slightly scared me.  I have no idea why either. 

Here is some background:

Whenever The Husband and I watches TV, I totally hoard the controller and we watch anything food like food network, the cooking channel, TLC, and the travel network.  The Husband hates how much food stuff I watch.  Amazingly I actually don’t get hungry  but watch the different shows for ideas. 

One day we were watching Unique Eats on the Cooking Channel and one of the topics was Scottish Eggs.  For some reason, The Husband had to have it.  He gets like that when we watch any food stuff.  He curses me on a daily basis because he is hungry and he wants what ever food is on display.  It is a fun game for me.  So I told him, I’ll make him some for breakfast that weekend.  Well he remembered and reminded me to make some.  I was thinking…Dang It…I was hoping he would forget.  So I told him to start boiling the egg and I’ll cook it.  I love fried food like the next person but for some reason, this scared me.  It is a whole egg surrounded by beef and deep fried.  I know this is similar to Embudito (Filipino meatloaf) but I steam mine not deep fry it.  I went basic for recipe and since I had 1/2 a pack of Italian sausage in the fridge, I figured I will just use that. 

My Version of Scottish Eggs

2 Hard Boiled Eggs

1/2 Package of Italian Sausage (about 4-6 oz)

* If you used ground beef, I would season it with salt and pepper and add a little flour and egg to bind the mixture.


  1. I was totally experimenting with this and I just took the Italian sausage and wrapped it around egg. 
  2. I took a small sauce pan and filled it about 1/4 up on the pan with oil and fried. 
  3. Turn it multiple times so it will cook evenly.
  4. Serve

The Husband loved it.  He just had it with ketchup and rice.  I only had a little bit of it and it was good but it wasn’t my cup of tea.  He ate the whole batch. 




  1. You and I have similar TV taste - and for Scotch eggs! Love em!!

  2. Yay for Scottish eggs! I'm totally trying this, my kids would love them!

  3. I love food TV too! It's great for inspiration and just plain fun to watch. Luckily my bf doesn't mind and enjoys it as well.

    I've never made Scottish eggs and I feel intimidated by this post! But the end result looks pretty amazing. It's great that you conquered your fear!

  4. Yep, that's a man meal! haha

  5. I'm hiding this as my hubs would want them too! On second thought, I'll save it. Might use it for bargaining for a new cookbook some day ;) Great job! Fear tackled successfully it looks like!

  6. Scottish eggs...very man food! Might even try the recipe for my hubby.
    Happy 2011!

  7. I love scotch eggs! In fact, I made some as well for New Years Eve! Next time I'll try with the sausages as well... when I made mine it was chicken mince.

  8. Looks like you had no reason to be afraid...those look perfect. I don't think I would like all of that meat/egg either, but I know my husband would definitely love them.

  9. Wow, they look so neat. You did a great job on them.

  10. I think we call these in the Philippines morcon (not to be confused with the morcon/roulade) which is prepared exactly like Scotch eggs.

  11. Your version with italian sausage sounds delicious for sure!

  12. I have been staying here in Scotland for quite many years now but haven't tried these Scottish eggs. I need to make some day. They look pretty and delicious.

  13. Yum that looks good Joy! Happy new year!

  14. I think I would have been scared of it with ground beef, but with sausage it's sounding wonderful. Great substitution. Although I think I would enjoy it just fried instead of deep fried.

  15. Lol Joy this is fun! Your poor husband, at least he got the um, tame version of Scotch eggs!


  16. Greetings from Southern California :-)

    I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You, ~Ron