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Friday, December 10, 2010

It is a pie month..ok maybe year

Let me first start off with, I am not a pie person.  I never was.  So it found it quite strange when I really wanted pie and not a particular pie but all kinds.  This is strange to me since I don’t even like fruit pies all too much.  I like fruit fresh not so much cooked.  Mid October came around and I would be looking  for pie.  I really want the fresh strawberry pie from Baker’s Square but most of them closed and they claim it is only seasonal.  Lies all lies.  So I have been getting random pieces of pies everywhere I go: apple, pumpkin, and pecan.  I even had The Husband go out and buy a strawberry pie. 

When Thanksgiving rolled around, someone asked me to make two pies I jumped at the opportunity.  I used my pie dough recipe form the pie competition I entered.  The task at hand was to make a pecan and a pumpkin pie.  As I was making it, The Husband was questioning why I was blind baking the pie.  I told him so it won’t be soggy on the bottom.  He promptly told me that it is suppose to be soggy like Jewel pies (if I offend anybody, I apologize now).  I’m just quoting him.  So I just ignored him and continues to bake.  The Husband just watched and asked a bunch of questions and comparing all the steps to how the pies are in Jewel.  I was close to kicking him out of the kitchen but I know he means better.  He did the same thing with Thanksgiving Dinner.  He questioned why I didn’t use the can cranberries and why I was making it from scratch.  Please feel free to argue that point…….

Back to my original point, here are the pies I made.  I got the pecan recipe from Simply Recipes.  I omitted the molasses because I came to find out, we ran out. 



The pumpkin pie I got the recipe from All Recipes



If anybody knows where I could get a good strawberry pie in Chicago in the middle of winter, please let me know.  I am willing to order and have it mailed to me. 


  1. Pecan pie...Yum!! It looks delicious filled with plenty of pecans. Best of luck on your hunt for strawberry pie.

  2. I'll take a slice of both please. :)

  3. Beautiful pies! I'm trying to deal with the fact that you're telling me Baker's Square is closing up there. I wasn't so much a fan of their fresh strawberry pie, but I LOVED their strawberry cream cheese pie. Wow, that's sad.

  4. I just made pumpkin pie for the first time this year and I loved it! This has been a good years for pie making, hehe.

  5. Both pies were fantastically delicious and very successful when presented to my guests. Great work from Joy.

  6. What beautiful pies! They look positively delicious! Can you believe I never had a strawberry pie? Would love to try it.

  7. Pies pies and pies galore :-) I've never been a big pie person, either. However, I've been in a tart-making phase... your pies look absolutely beautiful and I'm sure they were an absolute hit at Thanksgiving! I've never had a strawberry pie. Now, I am quite intrigued ;-)

  8. "Lies, all lies"...heheh, you're so funny.

    What sort of strawberry pie are you craving for? I'll bake it for you, just tell me what kind.

    BTW, your pies look yummy. Now I'm craving for pumpkin pie.:)