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Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm just Ranting

I'm just ranting and raving today.  I was hanging out watching tv a little Top Chef: Just Desserts with The Daughter.  I was never into Top Chef until this last season and when they started Just Desserts, I had to watch it.  Let me say this, I totally admire all the contestants.  They are so talented but the drama is insane.  For those that didn't watch it last night, I'm sorry but I'm about to spoil what happens.  One of the contestants in my opinion is a drama queen.  I completely understand they are artist and they are very emotional about their craft but OMG, some people should not be in this field if they can not handle the pressure.  I apologize now if I offend anybody but my goodness.  I hope this contestant is a great actor or he really needs to find a new career.  He is really talented though.  Too bad. 

Ok I'm done.

On other Topics.  I wanted to Wish The Husband a very happy birthday. 
Happy Birthday Honey!


  1. Well, some people know how to draw let's not worry about them.
    Happy Birthday to your dear half!

  2. It makes me cringe when they behave that way!

  3. I saw it too Joy - it was insanity! Do they not even care they're on TV and the whole world is going to see? I would be on my best behavior. Happy Birthday to your husband!