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Monday, September 13, 2010

Special Package - JAM

On Sat, I was pleasantly surprised by a package at my front door.  I looked and found 2 jars of Jam: Blueberry and Blueberry Agava Jam.  I was so excited but The Husband gave me a weird look when he was unpacking it.  I had to explain to him that I was participating in a Jam Exchange hosted by Stephanie from Steph Chow.  My partner was Brandi from Bran Appetit.  For my contribution, I made fig jam.  It came out more like a preserve.  I also sent a jar of my Nutella.  For the fig jam, I went simple:

1 Package of dried Figs (I couldn’t find any fresh ones anymore)

1 Cup of Sugar

3 Cups of Water (you may need more


  1. Hydrate the dried figs until it is soft.
  2. Once it is soft, place them in a large pot (water and all).
  3. Add the sugar and make sure all the sugar is dissolved.
  4. Bring to a boil and than reduce to a medium low heat so it will simmer. 
  5. The cooking process takes a couple of hours and I used a potato masher to break up the figs.
  6. Once it is completely cooked down, let it sit overnight to set.
  7. At this point you could prep the jars by either running through the dish washer or boiling the jars. 
  8. Pour the jam into the prepared jars and than seal the jars.





  1. We're loving the jam + nutella!

  2. I love the idea of jam exchange. That's such a cool idea, I would join but I have not learned how to make jams yet.

  3. There's a contest for home canners with sponsors like Whole Foods and Chow. Check it out:

  4. What a great idea! So much fun

  5. This is the second post I have read about the jam exchange. I am really sorry I didn't know about it before it happened!!! What a fun treat; for everyone!

  6. Jam Exchange is a great idea. When's the next one?

    Oh I love fig jam, anything fig actually. I'm a fig fiend:)

    Costco still has fresh figs but they seem to taste bland and so I candied them.

  7. Jam exchange - what a great idea. Hope you enjoy!

  8. wish i could join your food exchanges! too bad i'm soooo far away. will try the fig jam recipe soon.

  9. I had so much fun with the Jam exchange.. happy to see you did too!! Homemade nutella sounds fab!!

  10. What a delicious fig jam! The recipient of this and the nutella is very lucky!

  11. I love fig jam, thanks for sharing with this recipe!

  12. A jam exchange - what a lovely idea.

  13. Hi Joy, Just stopped by again to respond to your question about the mozzarella stuffed meatballs - I think it would work fine with turkey or chicken.

  14. I love the idea of a jam exchange. It helps everyone have a versatile selection in their pantry. How fun!

  15. What a great idea. Your fig jam sounds wonderful. I wish I had access to some!

  16. What a lovely exchange idea. The fig jam sounds amazing!