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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pantry clean out Challenge - update

Pantry clean out Challenge - update
This past week has been insane.  I don't even know where to start.  Last Monday, it was confirmed that my car was finally getting out of the shop.  Here is the back story.  The Brother decided to drive to Chicago from California to retrieve all of his instruments (he graduated with a music education and performance degree) from my attic and drive it back.  We figured since he was driving, he would bring back The Mother's industrial mixer.  Yes, it is an industrial mixer.  It is taller than The Daughter and she could sit comfortable in the bowl :D.  I'll take a picture when I have a chance.  Well on the way back, he decided to kill Bambi in Colorado.  So the car was there for about two weeks.  I got the call that the car was ready and we could pick it up.  I was totally looking forward in having a free weekend with just The Daughter and I.  We were going to clean, organize the kitchen, eat out, and go shopping.  The next day I got two calls and a bunch of text messages requesting for some of my Filipino pastries.   Since I'm slowly and I mean slowly starting a catering company, I figured this would be a great opportunity.  Lets just say, I have been cooking straight from Tuesday to Sunday for 3 parties, a showcase, and my monthly book club (which I didn't get a chance to cook for).  My highlight of my insane weekend was to finally meet my new friend Jennifer dela Cruz of Bead ala Has.  She is the person that held the showcase. 
Here is Jenn, me, and The Daughter
This is only a fraction of the amount of food I brought
Here are a few of the stuff she makes.  Beautiful huh? 
It was a wonderful week and weekend and I was able to challenge my time management skills.  After this weekend, I'm completely motivated to to continue learning and growing in my cooking skills.  So long story short I didn't get as far into the challenge as I wanted to.  Here is my break down :D
Guava Paste - Guava Bundt Cake +1
Dried Apricots - failed -1
A bag of Milk Chocolate - Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake + 1
Corn Flour - Failed, I actually used corn meal instead of corn flour -1
Gluten - I actually used this in fried rice.  It was not photo worthy and I'm just glad I finally got rid of it.  +1
Total: +1
This weeks Challenge Items
Dried Apricots
Corn Flour
Ginger Bread Cookie mix (This is from Christmas)
White Chocolate Chips
Hopefully I'll do better this week :D  I just have 4 Dozen Siopao to make. 

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