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Friday, June 4, 2010

A Challenge for myself

Confession time.  I'm horrible at grocery shopping.  Every time I go to the grocery store:
  1. Forget something
  2. Get too much stuff that I have no plan to use yet 
The funny part I bring a list with me all the time.  For some reason, I also miss something and than I find something really interesting and I buy it.  Take yesterday's trip, myself, The Brother, and The Daughter went to Caputos (my favorite place) to get ready for a BBQ I was having for The Brother's birthday. 
Happy Birthday little brother, just wait to see what I make :D
It was mainly our close friends and family coming over, I figured I'll make a few things I haven't done for a while.  Like fresh lumpia and I'm making an ice cream cake.  Hopefully this time, I'll be able to take pictures :D.  As I was getting all the produce, I found that they had fresh guavas.  What do I do, I got 4 of them.  I have no idea what I'm going to do with them yet and hopefully I'll figure it out.  This happens on a regular basis so The Husband put me on the chore of using everything in the fridge, freezer (we had a lot of meat), and pantry.  I don't know about you but I have only known Asian families that has two refrigerator and in some cases a freezer too.  Well we have two refrigerator and could you imaging both freezers were jam packed.  For the last two months, I wasn't allowed to go grocery shopping unless I really needed something.   The both freezers are now bare waiting to be filled up again :D.  Now on to the pantry.  This has been an ongoing battle for me.  Especially since The Mother loves to send stuff from California to us.  When they are here, they feel that they have to fill up my fridge, freezer and pantry which is great but we don't get to everything.  So long story short, I really need to work on the pantry.  I found different types of flour I didn't realize I had.  I also have 10 lbs of semisweet chocolate.  Who has that much just sitting around?  Well I do :D  So
This is my challenge, take 5 ingredients and use it every week.  I'm even scoring myself :D 
1-2 ingredients: only 1 point
2-3: 2 points
3-4: 5 points
4-5: 10 points
and All five: 50 points. 
I hope I keep this up :D I meant to start this last week but I didn't have a chance to evaluate the stuff in my pantry.
This weeks:
Guava Paste (I cheated and made something on Monday but I'm counting it)
Dried Apricots
A bag of Milk Chocolate
Corn Flour (I have three different corn type of flours: corn flour, corn meal, and even instant masa)
I guess I have include something savory.....hmmmmm.....Gluten (The Mother got us cans of the stuff)
I haven't decided what I would do if I don't use one of the ingredients.  Any ideas?  Should I:
  1. Carry over the ingredient to the next week
  2. Subtract a point
What do you guys think?
 I'll post my progress and I will try as hard as possible to use my ever growing collections of recipes I have saved.  I think I'm over 400 recipes now.  I better get cooking!



  1. Subtract points for everything you don't use, but then I'm evil and I want you in the negatives :D

    10 pounds of chocolate is totally NOT out of the question. It's a minimum in my house.

    Guava makes a good fool.

  2. LOL... I seem to have the same problems - always forget something, buy ingredients that were unplanned / not on list, freezer & pantry space challenges. I like your challenge - definitely subtract points, AND carry ingredient over until the next week (gotta use it sooner or later!) ;P

  3. I might substract and carry over. I already think ill carry over one of the items.
    @Judy - oh at one time I had 6 cinnamons. I was going crazy with all the stuff I had. I'm too scared to even look in my spice cabinet.