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Friday, May 14, 2010

Grissini - Mellow Bakers

When I first started to blog, I would hear about these various challenges.  I have always wanted to participate but I would miss when the first month.  This time I decided just to dive in and have a go at it.  I joined the Mellow Bakers.  I have been trying to improve my bread making skills and I thought this was a perfect way to do this.  My first attempt was Grissini from the book Jeffrey Hamelman's book Bread: A Baker's Book of Techniques and RecipesGrissini is an Italian bread stick made with olive oil and garlic.  This is probably the easiest bread I ever made.  Especially since I didn't have to wait hours for it to proof.  Automatically, I am very sensitive how the yeast is treated and I was able to put everything in the mixer and let it just rock and roll.  The Daughter adored them and out of the 2 dozen I made, I think only 3 remain.  I think next time, I would try making a sweet version. 


  1. A sweet version?! What a wonderful idea! Mmm, a little cinnamon and sugar maybe . . . So glad you have joined the Mellows! =)

  2. Yum! These look great. I'm inspired to give them a try this weekend. I imagine they would be perfect with ice cream (sweet) or soup (savory). Thank you for sharing!

  3. @Abby - my thoughts exactly with the cinnamon and sugar. I wanted to try it with whipped cream cheese.
    @monet - great, they were really easy. It was a nice change to the normal bread I make. And with ice cream, I could imagine putting a hint of lemon. Drool

  4. A sweet version sounds delish. Maybe I try that next time, too.

  5. Aargh, I didn't see this post. I thought the corn bread was your first MB bake.:D

    Your grissini in basket look so beautiful. Cinnamon sugar grissini sound so yummy!