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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Honey Mustard Baked Chicken

As always, I was reading my long list of blogs and I noticed a challenge.  I'm slowly getting a hang of blogging and I found I enjoy the various food challenges.  Jenn Cuisine was hosting a challenge to utilize honey in a recipe.   Each week there is a secret ingredient (Iron Chef and Chopped come to mind) and the winner for the week gets to pick the next ingredient.  I went on a mission to hunt for a recipe.  I wanted to do a honey biscuit but when I tried it, I didn't put enough cream and so it didn't turn out as well.  So last night, I was looking through a few cookbooks I borrowed from the library.  I just remembered the other day I made some honey mustard baked chicken.  Yes, honey!  I spent two days looking for a recipe to reference and I didn't realized I made something recently.  I initially made this in attempt to use up the stuff in my freezer and pantry (I tend to over buy).  Since I have been on a semi-health kick, I figured I'll do a baked chicken.  I did use chicken legs just mainly because that is what I had in the house but a whole chicken would have been better or even just wings.
1 Lb of Skinless Chicken
6 Tbs of Dijon Mustard
6 Tbs of Honey
Panko to coat
Olive Oil
  1. Preheat the oven at 400F degrees.
  2. Prepare a baking pan with foil and pour a light amount of olive oil to prevent sticking.
  3. Mix the mustard and honey together.
  4. Pour the panko into a plate.
  5. Dip the chicken into the honey mustard mixture.
  6. Coat the chicken in panko.  Make sure you over the whole thing.
  7. Place on the baking pan.
  8. Cook for about 30 minutes or until it reaches 180F.  I used a meat thermometer to be on the safe side.
  9. Serve


  1. Mmm they look lovely! I bet there were none left. I was thinking about honey the other day in cakes, and I found a honey and ginger spice wafer recipe in The HomeMadeLoaf, but it needed 250 grams of honey so I am not sure if I will make them just yet. But I think I might have a go at your chicken, I like simple recipes like these as you can just remember them and then make them straight off. Wonderful!

  2. ooh, what a great idea! i've been making this breaded and baked chicken drumstick recipe for awhile, but never thought about using honey mustard before! gotta give this a try next!

  3. I bet no one can resist this mouth-watering baked chicken. Looks very delicious. I can eat a few..mmm

  4. Your chicken sounds delicious - especially with the mustard to give it a kick!

  5. I love the addition of 'sweet' to meat dishes. This one looks really tasty!

    ~Aubree Cherie

  6. Hi there, this looks fab and easy to prep and I think I might need to make this tomorrow for some friends! :) Thank you for a great dinner idea!