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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Misadventure #6 - Strawberry Donut Muffin

After my first attempted at the donut muffins, I loved them.  They were donut like without all the oil.  So I figured I'll try a strawberry kind.  I had some fresh strawberries frozen in the fridge and white chocolate.  BTW white chocolate covered strawberries are the best.  I will always get some if it is available.  I followed the original recipe but I substitute the lemon juice for smashed strawberries and white chocolate. 
My mistake
I kinda mashed them up a little too much and I should have cut up the strawberries into little bits  There was way too much liquid
As you could see, the batter was a little too wet.


Some of them deflated :(
I even tried to hid the funny looking top with sugar....FAIL
But I have to say, the extra liquid gave a nice caramelization to the donut.  To bad it was funny looking. 

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