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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sad, sad food week

So for the last couple of days I was hit with two difficulties.
1. I had a tooth ache which it was painful to chew
2. Both myself and The Daughter had the flu
You could probably imagine the affect that did to my appetite and even my desire to cook.  Let's just say, I was forced to eat anything that is similar to baby food.  So this time I made congee.  With the lack of chewing I could do without shooting pains, I got stuck with anything soft.  Congee is a great meal when you are sick because it is the Chinese version of porridge.  Both The Daughter and I was able to stomach it better than anything The Husband tried to feed us.  Generally congee is a plain rice porridge and whatever topping you add provides the flavor to the dish.  When I was in California, The Family decided to have that for breakfast one morning and we had cooked bokchoy, kielbasa, and fried garlic for toppings.  At my house there was a limited amount of toppings we could use.  So we used vienna sausage.  I know it is kinda weird for congee but it is soft since it is multiple types of meat mashed together like a hot dog.  Traditionally there is hardly any spices but we added garlic so if needed, it could be eaten plain.
*again this is another ratio type recipe
1 part rice to 3 or 4 parts water - We only did 3 parts because The Husband wanted to keep the shape of rice. 
salt and garlic powder to taste
*The more water, the more it will resemble porridge. 
  1. Clean the rice until all the starch is removed
  2. Add the rice and water into a large pot
  3. Cook for about 20-30 minutes until the rice is cooked and quite soft
  4. Add the salt and garlic right before serving.
  5. Top with you choice of topping.
I am going to start make this regularly but I need to add veggies.  It kinda looks sad this way.



  1. Sorry to heard that you had tooth pain.
    I know how's that feel. I had tooth pain before when I was lived in Birmingham and because during bank holiday friday so I have to put it up with horrible and extremely pain for 3 days.
    All the help I got in that 3 days was a lot of pain killers.

    I hope it's getting better now for you. Bless you.

  2. is getting better just a little sore.