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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter and San Rival

It has been crazy at my house lately.  I was in my final week of my Quality Assurance class for my masters, we were in Orlando in the beginning of the week, and The Daughter has the early stages of the terrible twos.  The girl has been screaming for no reason and thrown temper tantrums.  Hopefully when I'm in California, I will instill some fear into The Daughter.  I doubt it since she just laughs at me every time I try to scold her (BTW she is only 1).  For Easter, we were going to an Easter egg hunt but it was raining outside but today we get to eat, eat, and more eating.  I get to see two of my aunts that I don't get to see to much but I try to talk to them regularly.  I'm so excited and I'm sure The Daughter is to since she gets spoiled rotten.  I have been meaning to post my misadventure in San Rival but unfortunately, I had a major paper due.  I did try this prior and I have been trying to make this for a while now.  I think I attempted it about 5 times but I couldn't get the frosting to my liking.  The recipe I used was from my experimenting post.  I did some changes to the frosting.

  1. I added 3 tablespoon corn syrup to the simple sugar.

  2. I used 1/2 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar.
It has taken a while before I got my frosting just right.  I also realized, I can't make the layers larger than needed and divide the layers like my mom used to do.  My carving skills are not the greatest.  So I used pans to my desired size (I only have 8x8 pans at home so i used them :D ).  I just lifted the layers and than assemble the cake.  I'm glad I took the cake decorating class because I learned basic essential of assembling a cake.  Even The Husband liked it and he generally doesn't like San Rival.  It is an acquired taste.  It is just too rich for some people.  I finally was able to get my frosting light enough where I didn't feel that I was eating straight butter.  I do have to work on making it straight and flat.  One day, I'll get it to work.
Crumb coat
I did three layers