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Monday, April 5, 2010

Cuban in Orlando

Me and the Daughter..btw my hair used to be longer until I chopped it.  I donated it to Locks for Love.
I know I gripped alot about being in Orlando but I did have some good food.  My daughter was little too young to really enjoy the amusement park so we went to downtown Disney.  We walked around the whole area and decided to eat at the first place we saw.  It was a Cuban restaurant called Bongos Cuban Cafe.  The food was really good and it was enough to share with all of us.  We first had some Cuban bread topped with butter and garlic. 
Before I was able to get the camera out, both The Husband and Daughter grabbed the bread and ate them.
Than we ordered fried cassava.  For those that are not familiar with cassava it is like a potato.
 We had vinegar dipping sauce to go with it.  It was like thick fries.  Than we had a
Cuban steak with sweet plantains and rice.  By this time, The Daughter was craving rice.  She ate most of ours. 
For dessert we had a tres leche cake (three milk cake) and The Husband had some Cuban coffee.  He affectionately called it "Crack Coffee".  It was really strong. 

Looks good right? 
This is the crack coffee
Look how small the cup is to a glass of water and it was strong enough to kill a horse.
She was hungry


  1. What a little cutie you have! The tres leche cake look really good!

  2. hehe your little girl is adorable! we all will also be at Orlando in summer. Cooking, eating, sleeping (repeat). My niece is also too young for the amusement parks, We might just try Bongos! Vinegar and fries YUM!
    CookNg Sisters