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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Brazo de Mercedes Tart

I'm back in Chicago and in-front a computer that actually has Internet access.  Wow, imagine such advancement.  I'm done being sarcastic.  The flight back was hell, The Daughter decided to whip out the horns and be as bad as she could in a little space.  Lets just say, I gave her to The Husband so I could get some sleep.  For some reason, I was jet lagged the whole time.  I got barely any sleep.  So yesterday I was at the airport trying to write and post my experience with Brazo.  Thank goodness I had a couple of hours to kill and The Husband was chasing The Daughter.  Next week should be interesting.  I have to fly to California by myself with The Daughter.  Lets just say, here comes the benadryl.  The Mother is having an health problem and being the dutiful daughter I am, I'm flying out there.  I plan to lecture to retired (I really want a live in babysitter), help with the house, and cook to my own content.  I hope I could make a dent into the amount of recipes I have been meaning to try.  That and I really need a vacation.  I accidentally told my cousin happy belated birthday it is actually for this month.  I need a break :D  Maybe The Parents will pamper me and let me sleep more than 6 hours.  The thought tickles me pink.  I'm on the hunt for healthy recipes I could freeze for The Parents and hopefully help their health.  Any suggestions, I'm open to them.  Anyway back to a subject that is not healthy at all, Brazo.  So I'm not a huge fan of the stuff.  I wanted another texture.  It seems way to soft for me.  Maybe it is just me.  I had some left over cashews from a San Rival I made (this will be in the next post, hopefully if I don't pass out before I click publish).  This recipe I totally made up on the fly.  I am some extra brazo filling and meringue for this purpose. 
5 Eggs Separated
Cream of Tarter
1/3 Cup of Condense Milk
1/2 Cup Sugar
1 Tsp of Vanilla *in 1/2 Tsp
2 Cups of Ground Cashews *This is approximated since it was just in a baggies
6 Tbs of Flour
3 Tbs of Butter
2 Tbs of Sugar

  1. Set the oven to 300 degrees

  2. Make the brazo as the other recipe.  

  3. Instead of spreading the meringue to bake, set to the side.  The filling should be the same

  4. Take the ground cashews mix in the flour, sugar and butter until it is well incorporated.

  5. Press the cashew mix into a tart pan

  6. Pour the custard filling.  *You could also bake the crust first for a couple of minutes.  I may try this next.

  7. Top each tart with the meringue. 

  8. Cook for about 15-20 depending on how brown you would like it.
*If you cook the crust first, you could just bake the meringue at 250 for 15 minutes and broil for a couple of minutes to get the color.
Question for you guys,  what is the strangest stuff you had to take out of your pockets when passing through the security line at the airport? 


  1. Which guy was that last question for? I'm not a guy but the strangest thing I had on me was a keychain with one of those mini screwdrivers that are for glasses...and they thought it was a weapon. Having angry Germans speaking to me in a language I can't understand was fun and needless to say, I gave them the keychain to keep. Now we're BFFs.

  2. Enjoy your break Joy and I look forward to seeing what you are going to come up with!

  3. ooh the tart looks so delicious!

  4. I was stopped in North Carolina once because I had tweezers in my carry-on luggage... years ago, I was stopped at the Burbank airport in California because I had my maze spray with me. I tried to argue with the guy but he told me it was illegal to carry it without a permit. So, I gave it to him grudgingly...

    Your tart looks great!! we should try to make it vegan... i have some ideas for healthy recipes if you want them. Do you want vegan recipes or vegetarian? have fun on your trip

  5. Beautiful recipe. My kids love tart...