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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Almost there but No Cigar

Hallelujah - I have internet access. It is sad when we live in such a technology driven world, I was not able to access the internet. OK, it is the hotel I was at fault. Why would you charge for internet when you are charging me (ok, my company) 189 a night and I still had to pay 15.99 for internet and 15.00 for parking. What is that all about? I had a three-day conference in Orlando on a product my hospital purchases. So I spent the whole time listening to sale pitches while The Husband and Daughter slept, ate, and watched TV. Yes, I took them with but mainly because we were right across the street from Sea World. Did you know, it is $80 a ticket? Again, nuts! Since The Daughter is only 1, we figured we will go when she is a little older and could enjoy her time. I will post pics of the mainly different types of food I had. Some were really good and some were just bad. Anyway, I tried Brazo De Mercedes again. I used the same recipe but I didn't half the recipe. It came out really good except it broke. I was so close but no cigar. OK I forgot one part, the wax/parchment paper when I had to roll it.

Here are some pics

Before I whipped the egg whites

*After I baked the meringue.  Look, I even tried to make it pretty

* I was cooking the custard, it wasn't as smoothe as I liked.

* And than it broke.  IT was so good too :(

So I try again!

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  1. Oh, it looks and sounds delicious! Wish I had a bite right now! It makes no sense with the extra hotel charges, especially with the parking. We complained about it once and didn't have to pay it.