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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Healthy Eating Starts

Healthy eating
As part of my new years resolutions, I wanted to incorporate healthier meals into our daily lives.  We generally eat a lot of meat and rice at dinner and I'm trying to expand our palate with quite a bit of protest from The Husband.  Since he is too lazy to cook, he is stuck with my decisions....sucka!  Anyway, last night I made a whole vegitarian meal.  It came out pretty well but I think I cook a little too much for the three of us.  I'm too used to cooking for 5 people when the Brother and Cuz stayed with us.  First I made sauteed Portabella mushrooms to replace our meat intake.  Than I made cucumber salad and than a vegitarian sushi.  BTW, if we had sushi rice it would have been better but we used what we had. 

I apologize for the pictures.  My SRL is not working so I was stuck with my point and shoot.  Unfortunately, I am not able to get the images I wanted to take. 

Cucumber Salad
Sliced up Cucumbers
It is up to your taste how much vinagar and sugar to use.  I tend to make it a bit sweeter so I used a whole cup to 2 cups of vinegar.  If you like it more tangy, use less sugar.  Just mixed the sugar and vinegar together until it is fully incorporated and than add the cucumbers.  Make sure it sits for a couple of minutes so the vinegar mixture gets soaked into the cucumbers.

I just grilled the mushrooms on a skillet with salt and pepper to tasted and than added fresh garlic ontop.  I have read quite a bit of articles on the benefit of fresh garlic.  It does need to be chopped up to activate the antioxidants.  I watch way too much random shows on our direct TV. 

Vegitarian Sushi
 3 cups of cooked rice *btw The Husband just make 2 cups so the there was little too much liquid.  We know for next time!
2/3 cups of vinegar
6 tbs of brown sugar
* If you have sushi rice, you don't need these ingredients.
Any vegitable you would like, we used avacado and cucumber
Cream Cheese *this is not always needed depending on what you like.
Sheets of Nori

Mix the vinegar and sugar until it is fully desolved.  Mix in the cooked rice until it is fully incorporated.  Again this step is not needed if you have sushi rice.  Slice up the vegitable julienne style (*side note, I suck at cutting the vegitables like this so we have uneven size sushi.  The Husband laughed at me when I was doing it).  Spread out the rice on a sheet of nori and than place the vegitables and cream cheese toward the edge of the bed of rice.  Start rolling the end up.  Make sure it is tightly rolled or it will fall out much to The Husband's annoyance.  Than again he gets annoyed quite often :D.

Through The Husband did whine about no meat in our dinner, we are quite satified and could barely finish our food.  So guess what I have to lunch...yes you named it, left overs :D 

I did kinda ruin the healthy meal by having a mango, graham cracker type dessert.  It was suppose to be like a tarimisu but I got the wrong type of cream.  I wasn't sure what Purpose cream was until recently.  So it was really just a mixture of cream, mangos, and graham crackers.  it is not the healthiest choice but I give myself points for the mango :D. 

Hopefully I keep this going without The Husband going on strike.

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