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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bento Boxes

Since moving here, we have been doing a lot of adjusting. One of those adjustments has been making The Munchkins’ lunches every day. Back in Chicago, their old nursery school provided their food. Now it is up to me to figure that out. There are a few advantages in making their lunches.

1. I got to go shopping to get some cute cookie cutters and containers.

2. I get to be creative on how I fed them including incorporating all of the major food groups.

3. I used the lunches to practice my photography skills.

4. I keep trying to find more creative ways to get both kids to eat more fruits and vegetables.

It really forces me to think about how I feed The Kids and even myself. Instead of finding random leftovers and desserts in the fridge, we mainly have fruits and vegetables. We even have the chance of getting rid of the leftovers instead of wasting the food I made for dinner the night before.

This is normally my lunch…I’m trying to be healthier. (I do have a stash of snacks in my drawers at work). As you could see, I don’t like my food touching. I may be 32 years old in theory but I’m actually a 5 year old.

The son’s lunches

I try to make sure he eats a variety of food. I do forget he has very little teeth and I pack harder things to eat for him but he always comes home with a clean lunch box. I do question if he eats everything. At first, I started with a small box as the week continued the amount of food increased to include two more containers full of food. He loves to eat.

Each box: 1. Siopao (steam bun), edamame, blueberries, and raspberries. 2. Rice (in shape of a elephant and chicken I think), shredded chicken, and corn. 3. Pieces of beef, potatoes, rice, and bread (I ran out of rice so I had to add pieces of bread shaped in chickens and bears), 4. Steamed siopao bread, pork chops, and green beans, and 5. Pasta, edamame, corn, ube (purple yam( bread, and grapes

The Daughters lunches

Each box: 1. Black Berries, bluebuerries, and green beans. 2. Rice (in shape of a elephant and butterflies), shredded chicken, bok choy, cookies, and grapes. 3. Grapes and gold fish (there was more but I believe it was just pasta, 4. Pieces of beef, potatoes, rice, and green peppers. 5. Cherries, edamame, corn, ube (purple yam bread) and mini pizza (every Friday it is pizza day and I didn’t want her to feel left out)

Amazingly, she eats as much as The Son. Actually, sometimes less at times. I try to get a little more playful with hers to get her excited to eat.

This week, I want to get a little more create in how I make display their food. I want to work on my styling :D.


  1. Now I want edamame...and I almost never want edamame. Glad to see all the containers put to good use! Also, B+ on the proofreading :D

  2. Thx for connecting with me on foodbuzz. I just subscribed to your blog feed and can't wait to see what your next post will be!

  3. Wow...your food look so neat, healthy and beautiful!! Too beautiful to eat...haha. I think I would eat more if I have these served to me :D

  4. I wish someone made my lunch like that. That would definitely force me to eat healthy! The rice shaped animals are a great idea :)

  5. Pretty! I am sure your kids will love to bring this stuff to school...Very creative!

  6. Thanks everybody! I hope this helps my kids learn to eat better than I did :D

  7. lovely bento box food children will like this colourful healthy meals

  8. I wish my mom had made such beautiful lunches. Those are fantastic!!