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Friday, May 18, 2012

I have Arrived and Camp Blogaway

Has it really been A MONTH since I last post!?!?!  To think, I actually thought I would have extra time when I quit my last job.  How native was I?  I didn't realize I still had to pack my house, organize the movers, clean my old house, get the kids and myself to California (more to come later), find a new job, and attend Camp Blogaway.  If you are thinking that I'm nuts to attend a blogger conference in the middle of a huge move.  You are right, I am.  I also have a great support system in The Parents.  They watched The Kids while I was there and The Husband was in San Jose starting his new job.  Thank you Mom and Dad

Camp Blogaway was amazing.  This is my second blogger event I have attended and I had a blast.  I met so many great people (see Camp Blogaway page for attendees) and I learned so much.  I took pictures every chance I had....want to see?  Ready.....Set.....Go

The swag and program

One of the wonder staff at the camp grounds

The meeting place we spent most of our time in.

I thought the mug was cute!

Our "Fearless Leader", Patti of Worth The Whisk.
Presentation of the National Honey Board - I even won a Honey Pot!

Hmmmm a wine tasting from Entwine

It was the Super Moon weekend.

The wonderfully honest Denise Vivaldo of Food Fanatics Unwashed and the book Food Stylist's Handbook.  She is hilarious and so knowledgeable.  
Cutco did a demo and gave us some knives for our cutting pleasure.  BTW the demo was at 8 in the morning.

Anna should not have a knife.
Hmmmm Breakfast.  I was a bit hungry :D

Dara from Cookin Canuck and Rachael of La Fuji Mama did a presentation on revamping your blog.

One of the sponsors, Gourmet Garden.  Weirdly enough, they were from Chicago.  I was surprised.

A tasting of various honeys
So many cheeses from Kerrygold.  They were from Chicago too (I totally had to point that out).  The read one was my favorite. 

SHHHHHHH....she is sleeping 
Kelly of Evil Shenanigans (btw hilarious) and Erika of In Erika's Kitchen spoke of how to overcome blogger burnout (which I am suffering right now)

It is all about Mangos

More Kerrygold Cheese

La Times and our Fearless Leader

Our Presenters
The Golden Acorn and the Recipient....Mimi Avocados

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  1. Such great photos! You really captured the weekend! So glad I got to meet you!