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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Taking you blog to the next level

Have you guessed?
I'm at the foodbuzz blogger festival. Jealous, I know you are. I am sitting in a room listening to a bunch of great bloggers listening to their tips and advice. My big take on this, Be yourself I find that being the most valueable part of the whole discussion. The other part is connecting with your readers

I totally did not realized that I posted this post until I saw comments.  Good job Joy.  I have been trying to my tablet to write my post especially when I’m just sitting around not doing much.  It doesn’t happen too often but when I am waiting for The Daughter at her ballet class or I’m waiting for The Husband, I try to write a couple of sentences.  So I downloaded the blogger app  to help me but my fat fingers hit publish instead of save.  

Back to my story.....
It was a wonderful event.  I got to meet some wonderful people and even got to meet Nam who I have been reading her blog for sometime.  I was awed by a few people like Kath from Kath eats Real Food and Jessica from How Sweet It Is.  It their statements I opened my post with.  This is how I started the festival on Sat.  I wasn’t able to make it to the Friday festivities due to a late flight.  We (I brought along the family) didn’t make it into our hotel room until 11 that night.  

The day started with a panel of five well known bloggers.  A big point they all stressed was to be yourself.  I feel I am pretty open in my posts but it is difficult not to be envious of other blogs especially when you are still trying to find who you are as a blogger.  As I listen to this, I thought to myself, do I have my own voice.  When I write, I always start writting as if I am talking to one of my friends (hence the multiple grammar mistakes).  I often wonder whether my jokes even translate or if you guys think I’m just weird, it would not be the first time.


After this discussion, we broke up into smaller groups for various topics.  The topic I choose was called camera basic beyond auto mode taught by Ashley from Edible perspective.  I hate to admit it but as one of my 10 major changes in college, was.  Unfortunately, I didn’t go too far  into the major and I didn’t use the knowledge so I eventually lost it.  It is pretty sad actually.  As I sat in this class, I realized how little I remember.  It made me motivated to try a little harder to user all of my settings of my camera and actually think about how the image turns out.  


I loved these slides

After our workshops, we got to sample quite a bit of food from the different sponsors like Alexis.  The Husband was able to join me with The Son.  This meant I had someone to hold all of my stuff while I took pictures.  WIIINNNNNEEERRRRR.  I was so stuffed after I went through all of the booths.  I promptly went into food coma as soon as I got to the hotel room.   


The evening ended with dinner and a cooking demo with The Tyler Florence.  He was making pork chops with a braised cabbage and spraetzle  It looked so good I wished we got to sample it.  It was a great night with great food and wonderful company.  I was lucky enough to meet Paulina.  She was so sweet and was gracious enough to let me sit with her and Nam.    I hope to attend next year if The Husband lets me.






See you next year FoodBuzz....HOPEFULLY :D


  1. I think you forgot the end of your post here dearie. Put the margarita down! I know its local and organic, but drunk blogging is unseemly ;)

  2. @anna I didnt realized I posted it. I meant to save it as a draft. I think my table hates me.

    @julie it was so wonderful to meet you. I cant wait to read all of your posts. Especially the pickled grapes one.

  3. Lucky you to be able to attend. Can't wait for you to finish your post and share what you had learnt from there :-P

  4. Sorry I missed you, next year if you come, I'll be sure and find you and say Hi! Hope you had a great time.

  5. I missed out this year, but through reading other bloggers experiences it feels like I've got a glimps of what happened. So thank you for sharing!