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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kulinarya–White and Love

The last part of May and most of June has been a bit crazy around my house.  Other than the birth of The Son and The Mother’s birthday, my little cousin got married.  It was such a beautiful wedding and I have seen a few of us even shed a tear (including myself).  Which brings us to June’s Theme for the Kulinarya  
Adora from Adora’s Box and Diona from Tita Flips picked WHITE for the most popular time of the year for wedding.  I thought it was perfect since I was helping my cousin make her wedding flowers.  Actually The mother was the one that made them.  I just helped organized and tag them.  It took a couple of weeks to figure out what to make.  Since I was in the mist of planning multiple events, I figured I could use the very favors The Mother wanted to make for her party. 

Cassava Suman to be exact.  This is a take on pichi pichi but without the coconut shaving.  We also added coconut milk for the coconut flavor.  I do have to admit, I didn’t actually make the dish this time.  The Mother had to since I was manning The Son.  We were experimenting and bouncing ideas from each other about the recipe.  It took a couple of tries before it achieved the consistency of our liking.  The Daughter kept asking for more while we were getting them ready for The Mother’s party. 

Cassava Suman
4 Packs of Thawed Grated Cassava
1 Can of Coconut Milk
2 Tsp of Lye Water
3 Cups of Sugar
Banana Leaves
  1. Mix all the ingredients together.  You might find that mixing everything by hand is much easier than using a whisk or spatula.
  2. Heat the mixture in the microwave for about 5 minutes.  When I tried to make pichi pichi in the microwave, The Mother thought we could use the same technique for the suman.  It is quite difficult with this mixture to roll it in the banana leaves.
  3. Take about a tablespoon of the mixture and wrap the banana leaves.  One day I’ll actually wrap them really nice but mine generally looks slightly strange.
  4. Steam for 20 minutes.

This is how The Mother wrapped all of them.
     We also made the Rice Version                                         Cassava Version

These are the flowers we made for the wedding

Please stop by the other member’s page to see how they tackled this challenge. 
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  1. I love prepping for a wedding.I'm sure you had so much fun doing so. Re: your suman I think I would prefer the rice version. Can I have coffee with it too please? Haha. Thanks for sharing!

  2. amazing, you prepared your own suman. great job on it, joy ;)

  3. I love suman! and miss it dearly since we moved to UAE. I think there's one cassava suman version with some chocolate filling.
    The flower's are beautiful!

  4. This looks great! You did a wonderful job with this =)

  5. ooh, I have not had suman in awhile, time to make more. Congrats to your cousin.

  6. Love those flowers...beautiful! The dessert looks very delicious too. I miss that. You are just amazing...creative! Thanks very much for sharing.

  7. I'd love to have both the rice and cassava:)

  8. I love suman! Yum! Congrats on all your family's milestones!

  9. They look scary, but the flowers are beautiful! I love the peonies. And while you were eating pizzas, I was throwing everything out of my fridge because of the stupid power outage :(

  10. Love food contained coconut...must be really aromatic and delicious.
    The wedding flowers you made are so pretty.

  11. Wow you have been one busy lady too. I love how the flowers turned out. Happy Belated b-day to your mom. Hope you are enjoying the new baby.

  12. One of my favourite among all the suman. How lovely. I do admire you Joy. You are always able to do a lot of things at the same time, even when you've just had a baby. I'm glad you have a lot of enjoyable things to do. Take care.

  13. Ummm I love anything wrap in banana's so earthy and delicious :)

  14. Like mother, like daughter, Joy! You both make such delicious food!

  15. Those are some awesome flowers! And I love anything rice and wrapped in banana leaves... awesome take on this month's KCC theme! :)

  16. wow, I've never seen this before - looks fun!

  17. Those are beautiful flowers! And the cassava and rice suman look delicious! Great job!

  18. Never heard of it but looks amazinf ans so exotic for me.

    To answer your canelé question, having the right fluted mold certainly helps a lot with the cooking but you can experiment with other small molds.

  19. I love suman especially the cassava ones. My lola used to bring us a basket of these yummers everytime she comes home from our province in Nueva Ecija. Thanks for sharing.