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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Home schooled?

Before The Boy was born, we already decided to take as much time off as possible.  Especially with two kids and one being a 2 year old, we decided to take 9 months off between both of us.  When we made that decision, I already planning on different activities to do with The Girl. 
I tried to create a mini classroom to stimulate her daycare.  She was used to a certain schedule and I really would like to continue that schedule.  So I stocked up on so much stuff, you would think she was going to be home schooled for years instead of the time we initially decided on.  I mainly tried to get as much arts and crafts supplies I could get my hands on.  I also signed her up with different activities including football.  Yes football, I figured the kids will run around and wear themselves out.   
My first attempt to school was a painting project.  I was excited to find markers type paints.  They are less messy than the traditional paints but still had the similar affect. 

Some of my supplies.
Her paintings for the day
She is painting on wall paper.

If you have any ideas to keep a 2 year old occupied, I’m open!


  1. It's nice that you're having lots of bonding time with your babies, Joy. I did this full time actually (still am a full time Mum). I just enjoyed watching the little fingers do stuff. Miss it. Favourite activities were colouring, crafts, play dough, and baking. Enjoy this precious time while you can.

  2. Try some Oobleck!