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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kulinarya–Relleno, another Misadventure #11

I’m a little late with this post and actually I was debating if I was going to post this.  I wasn’t happy with the result but I figured why not.  This month was hosted by Anna from Second Helpings and  Dahlia from Energetic Chef.  I was excited when I heard the them and than it sank in to the actually task.  The only relleno I have known was bangus relleno.  Watching The Mother make that many times, I thought I could do that.  Than I realized that would require me to debone the fish.  That scares me.  I can’t even hold a whole fish.  So instead I made a eggplant relleno but I messed it up according to the Husband.  I did reference multiple recipes and I “thought” I knew the basics.  I was so wrong. 

Instead of using Japanese eggplant, I thought I could use regular egg plant.  Mistake one.

The second mistake, I didn’t cook the eggplant prior stuffing it. 

I used a ground beef mixture of ground beef, carrots, peas, potatoes, onions, and garlic (sound familiar).  I had to make empanadas this week so I just used the same filling. 

Mistake three, I made the layers too thick. 

So I stuffed it, dipped it in a egg wash, than cooked it on a skillet.  It took longer than  I thought to cook and when we finally did eat it, some parts of it was not cooked.  The egg plant was not cooked, the filling was already cooked.  Great huh? 

Mistake four  - I forgot salt and pepper. 

This is what happened when I don’t cook for a while.  Lets just say The Husband analyzed the dish and told me “what I should have done” .  So next time, he is making it. 

Here are some pitiful pictures


Btw the stuff on the bottom is egg..It turned into a omelet on the bottom. 


Kulinarya was started by a group of Filipino foodies living in Sydney, who are passionate about the Filipino culture & its colourful cuisine.
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  1. I know nothing about Filipino food but am looking forward to learning all about it from Kulinarya

  2. joy, I love your post for KCC Relleno theme..foodie mistakes leads to fabulous recipes, I say!

  3. You're too hard on looks delicious, kind of like eggplant lasagna. I will try your recipe :)

  4. ako nga i didn't have time kasi i prepared for my daughter's party

  5. The eggplants looks amazing! too bad you forgot salt and peppers :)

  6. Joy, you get an A+ for effort! It still looks delicious, though!

  7. I like the idea of layering the eggplant. It looks pretty and different from the usual eggplant relleno.

  8. It does look pretty. How did it taste? It may have not been what you hoped for technically, but if it was good, who cares, right?

  9. i'd still eat your rellenong talong... with jufran and rice...mmm yum!