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Friday, June 18, 2010

Misadventure #9 - Homemade Pasta

So I have been dying to try homemade pasta.  I always found fresh pasta was the best but it was always intimidating to me.  So I have been reading Ratios by Michael Ruhlman.  I enjoy trying to figure out the mathematics equation in cooking.  If I find that if I know the basic recipe, I could grow from there.  According to the book, the ratio is 3 parts flour to 2 parts egg.  So that is what I did. 
3 Cups of Semolina Flour
2 Eggs
I mixed the beat the eggs first than poured it into the flour.
I like mixing things by hand so that is what I did :D
Make sure it is in a ball and chill it for 30 minutes, about  :D
So this is where it starts to fail, I rolled it out with a rolling pin and I made it too thick.  Keep in mind, I do have a pasta maker but I was way to lazy to take it out
I even filled them with portabella mushrooms and ricotta looks good right?

It looks good....i don't see why i failed..oh yeah. it was really thick
I also failed with the sauce, I have no idea what I was making.  All i know we had ricotta and tomatoes
Any hints I'm totally open to them.  I want to make vegetable based pasta so I could get The Daughter to eat all of her veggies and not the few chosen one.


  1. I just can't get myself to make friend Stacie did and even did a blog post on it. She swears by it...

  2. So when you're making pasta the essential thing is to roll the dough out super thin, that's why you kinda need the pasta machine. It starts on a larger setting and gradually thins down and really gets your sheets nice and thin. As for adding veggies, well you can go ahead and add your veggies straight into the filling or the sauce, you can also change how your pasta looks using veggies. Mix a little cooked and chopped spinach into the dough to have green spinach-y pasta, butternut squash for sweet butternut squash pasta (with a golden orange tinge).

    With your sauce you didn't have a total fail! Try blending the tomatoes and ricotta, throw in a little basil and you have a beautiful sauce that's rich and delicious. Alternatively, brown a little butter and sage and just pour it straight over the cooked ravioli, a little freshly ground black pepper and parmigiano reggiano shavings and Bob's your uncle.

    Some amazing veggie-based fillings for ravioli are: spinach & ricotta, butternut squash/pumpkin & sage, roasted veggies (and pancetta, optional).

    Anyway, not a bad first effort but hope those tips help out a little =)

    Jax x

  3. I want to try again
    @Jackie - thanks for the tips :D. I didn't have a point of reference prior. I can't wait to apply it.

  4. What do you mean you poured the eggs into the floor?? That´s not good haha
    Actually, I was pretty bat at cooking, but after I travelled to Argentina and had all these BUENOS AIRES TOURS I learnt how to cook just by looking at others.
    I love homemade pasta now, because I know how to do it!