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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Most people start thinking about weight-loss in January, not me.  I knew myself better than trying to set a new years resolution.  I always knew I need to be healthier and I really don't have health problems but I am little overweight for my height (I'm really short).  I started to train for the Breast Cancer walk this Sunday.  Than last week, my friend Christianne was telling me about a weight lost competition one of her friend's aunt was doing at work.  Each person pays 20 bucks and at the end of certain period like 6 months, who lost the most weight would win the whole pot.  It was decided we were going to try this.  We are still waiting to see how many people are interested but I already started this journey.  I figured if we didn't go through with this competition, I was going to continue. 
My Goal: Pre-The Husband Weight (25 lb if not more :D)
Time-Frame: 6 Months
My plan of attack:
  1. No more eating past 8pm, I would do 7 but it is not feasible with work and taking care of my family.
  2. To walk at work if whether permitted
  3. Keep a food diary and find ways to cut the calories
  4. Play a lot of WII fit and watch a lot of Gillian Michaelson's exercises videos (I don't know about you but she scares me enough to exercises.)
  5. Try to eat more veggies and fruits, especially for my work lunch!
  6. I plan to cut my food intake at each meal in 1/2 but eat more frequently.
I have learned from multiple diets that I can't restrict myself from eating anything but I just need to limit the intake.  I also have to get off my Lazy Butt and do something active.  I'll keep you update on my progress.  We will see if I will fail or succeed, I'm expecting failure :D  If you have any tips or good recipes to try, please let me know :D 


  1. Keeping a food diary is brilliant!

    *Sigh* I also need to lose the pounds I gained from too much bread baking/eating during winter.

    My entire summer work out is mowing our tiny lawn and attending to my vegetable garden.:)

  2. I knew I would keep up a written diary so I downloaded an app on my phone for both food and any activity I do. I heard just normal house work you able to burn quite a few calories.