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Monday, May 17, 2010

Mellow Bakers - Corn Bread

Another challenge for Mellow Bakers was Corn bread.  I know, you must think I was just making the traditional sweet corn bread.  Oh no, it wasn't the case for this it was actually a yeast-based corn bread.  In the book Bread it was on page 139.  Unfortunately, I didn't have the book yet and it is still on order so I had to use a different recipe.  I used Apple Pie, Patis, & Pate's Yeast-Raised Cornbread with Brown butter without the brown butter.  It was an experience because these types of bread intimidate me.  The initial step took about 16 hours.  I allowed the yeast to rise with equal parts of flour to water.  I had to read the instructions multiple times to make sure I got the measurements right.  It only required 1/8Th teaspoon.  That surprised me quite a bit and I wondered if I did it correctly.  I looked the next day and it rose quite a bit.   I was very excited.  16 hours later, I started to work with the rest of the dough.  I did make a mistake in the first two steps.  I added the flour early and I didn't realized that the corn meal needed to soak in the water for 15 minutes prior adding the rest of the ingredients.  I realized that after I added the flour so I let it sit there for 15 minutes.  I added the rest of the ingredients and than kneaded it.  The dough needed to be knead three times and letting it rest for almost 4 hours.  I observed the growth and how the dough changed throughout the whole process.  It amazed me.  Trying this recipe made me realized I just needed to be patient and that I shouldn't be intimidated. 



  1. I haven't tried the bread yet but it seems very dense. Did you taste it yet? I'm going to try it tonight and let you know :D

    Also, put a white poster board behind your object to bounce back the light and avoid those deep dark shadows. Do you have a tripod?

  2. IWe tried it. It was good with butter since it is really dense. Vthe husband like it. I came home and it was 1/2 gone. I was frustrated with the shadow because these pics was a little after a certain little girl decided to break my light source. I do have a tripod but unfortunatly it is broken. One year olds and breakables is not a good combo. I need to put her in a padded room so my stuff doesn't get broken.

  3. Lovely post Joy! Your bread looks great!

  4. Joy, congrats on your first MellowBakers bread!

    The loaves look good.:)

  5. @Johanna - thank you very much
    @oggi - thanks, I want sure if I was making them correctly.

  6. Joy,
    come over and teach me how to make this bread... I have lots of cornmeal I need to use... it looks delicious, sweetie... great job :-)