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Friday, May 21, 2010

Added to my recipe box 5-21-2010

For some reason, I tend to follow into a theme of recipes I want to save and search for.  This week has been mainly breads.  I find breads challenging and I always strive to get the perfect bread. 
Last week, The Village Cook shared a great breakfast bread.  She made a Strawberry-Vanilla Breakfast bread.   Who wouldn't want strawberry bread?  I wonder if it would be good with Chocolate like a chocolate covered strawberries.  Oh I must try this :D. 
A Cupcake or Two shared a great Swiss roll of chocolate, banana, and honeycomb.  It is chocolate heaven especially with a topping of a chocolate bar.  The interesting part, she used potato starch in the recipe.  You could use regular flour but the potato flour gives a different taste and texture. 
 On my ongoing battle with cleaning out my pantry I had to save a recipe that Frosted Rosepetals posted.  She shared with her readers a apricot cookie recipe.  The recipe was quite simple and it uses brown rice flour.  I love any reason to experiment with other types of flour. 
Last week, I had the change to try Panna Cotta.  I have never tried it prior and I loved it immediately.  I have always like creamy jellos.  Not so much the standard multi-color jello but the jello that is creamer as it is in Asian cooking.  Amazingly, Kitchenscraps posted a panna cotta recipe with mint and almond pesto.  I have this thing about trying different types of pesto.  I love variations and trying different combos.  Since this recipe offered two of my current interest, I had to save it in hopes I will try them soon. 


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