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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Walk to Empower


On Mother's day bright and early I will be walking in the Chicago's Walk to Empower. This 5K walk is to raise money for Beast Cancer.  I actually walked in this last year and it took little over 50 minutes.  I hope to beat that this year.  I may take The Daughter with me but we will see.  I became involved in this wonderful fundraiser for my Auntie Glady.  She was diagnosis almost two years ago.  When she told me she was planning on participating, I immediately signed up.  Last year's walk was in Chicago's Grant Park.  It was amazing to see a sea of people in pink walking for the same cause.  I even got a little emotional seeing everybody.  If you could open your hearts and donate even a few dollars for this cause, it could make a huge difference in finding a cure.  This time I'll take pictures.  I was bit exhausted to do is last year.  BTW I was in bed the rest of the day and it was mother's day. 
Below is the link to my page.  Unfortunately, I never got the chance to customize it. 

Here is my aunt just hanging out after the walk.  This year we are having a picnic so I am trying to plan what to make.  Any ideas?  My aunt is vegetarian trying to be vegan :D 


  1. Good luck! What a wonderful cause. Some hummus sandwiches with fresh veggies on whole grain bread would be delicious picnic spread!

  2. Woo-hoo!! thanks Joy :-) I am walking as much as I can. I am actually doing a 5K walk this Sunday in Hinsdale to try and get ready for next Sunday... I hope I can finish in an hour... sometimes I can walk faster than other times...

    I hope all your friends donate to this cause.. I am so excited for our team and it is pretty overwhelming to be in a sea of people doing something for a great cause!!! Thank you for all your efforts.. I love you and am so glad you're joining me in making sure that no one faces breast cancer alone :-)

  3. Thanks you guys for your comments. It means a lot to me.

    @auntie glady - I'm glad to join you for the walk and maybe I won't be lost in the crowd again