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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Playing with more butter cream

*This is a ube cake with a Italian lemon butter cream.
I meant to post this yesterday but unfortunately I got stuck writing a paper for school.  I'm not sure if I mentioned this but I'm in Graduate School.  Of course, I procrastinated to the point I had to devote most of my day (it was a work day) finishing my paper.  So anyway after my first entry about cake decorating, my friend Anna decided to take it upon herself to show me how she decorates.  BTW, she made my wedding cupcakes.  So immediately I said When and Where.  We used to work together so we know our work habits or lack of habits each of us have.  Lets just say, we laughed so much that most of our attempts at decorating had to be redone due to us messing up.  We even made roses.  Most of my came out nice until I tipped them over and smashed them.  It was pretty funny, especially when hers look like cabbages.  Maybe I'll ask her to make me a cabbage patch kid cake.  You know you remember those from childhood.  It was a great day and I actually learned something.  Granted it took about 8 hours to do so but it was worth it.  Hopefully we will get a chance to experiment with sugar art *Anna, hint hint. 
* it looks good right, after hours of doing the crumb coat and the rest of the frosting, I got it close.  I still needed Anna to fix part of it.  
 She make me use as much decorating tips as possible.
Look I made a rose.  I was surprised it came out.
These are the two I made without smashing them.  I am not the greatest at transporting
We used the roses we made on a cake she made. 


  1. You are so mean! They do NOT look like cabbages. They're totally awesome roses, you're just jealous. I'm kidding...maybe. Anyhow, pick a date and we'll play with sugar. I should still have a fresh tube of burn cream at home :D

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  3. They are cute cabbages, you could have a whole garden.

  4. hey I love your roses..I still can't get those down..sounds like you had fun!!