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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me:D

This past Tuesday I turned the big 3-0 or as my little cousin would say, 3 decades old.   In my late teens, I though 30 was so far away.  Next thing you know, I'm 28.  I did have a slight breakdown.  More of a pity moment.  I was mainly missing The Family and The Husband had class the day of my birthday so I kinda felt alone.  Luckily my cousin and The Best Friend went out to dinner with me.  The Husband even did good and got me a edible arrangement.  I'm still eating but it was really good. 

We went to La Tasca Tapas Restaurant.  The food was great.  We loved the calamari and octapus.  Sorry there isn't any pictures.  We were a little hungry and focused on eating. 
The Girls was a bit antsy so we couldn't sit as long as normal. 
The Daughter decided to step on a box of goodies The Best Friend and Co got me.  But they are still edible :D
 The poor chocolate cake.  Don't worry I'll eat you soon :D
I don't 30 will be that bad.  It just another adventure or maybe a misadventure.

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  1. Happy 30th birthday! So exciting! I turn 30 next year.... :)