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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Misadventure #2 Chow Fun noodles

So I attempt to be consistance with my blogging.  We will see how long that last.  I'm also attempted to post items I have been meaning to post for a while.  This tracks back from New Years.  Yes, I'm that behind.  Actually more since I have stuff from when I first started this blog.  Maybe one day, I'll be caught up.  What am I kidding myself, I have about 300+ recipes to try out.  At least I will have material to write about.  To think I was scared that I didn't have ideas.  If you didn't realize, I talk alot.  I do tone it down when I blog.  So this was a misadventure from the start.  The noodles were good but they were quite sticky and I think I rushed it.  I will try again but I'll probably do a little more research more behind it.  Or many actually reading the direction would probably help.  I got the recipe from cooking gallery.  It is a great recipe, poor execution from my part and maybe it wasn't the greatest combination of flavors too.  The true recipe is call Kway Teow.   This is my favorite type of noodles.  I love the thickness and how it is used.  I wished I paid more attention to the recipe and what is best with this.

It looked find when I poured the batter and steamed it.  It was once I sliced it, the issues started to happen.

Again, it looked fine but once I attempted to fry the noodles, they started to stick to one another.

It was pretty much a huge chuck of dough mixed with carrot, peppers, and broccoli.  Even the baby wouldn't eat it and she eats everything.  Sad huh?

What to do next time.
1. Let it try out more before slicing
2. Lay it out separately to prevent sticking.
3. Pick better flavors for the noodles
4. Maybe fry each one at a time to prevent sticking.

Mainly to prevent anything from sticking.  But the noodle was good other than it stuck together :D. 


  1. It still looks fine to me when it is a huge chuck of dough with lots of veggies!

  2. Thanks Angie -

    My problem is that I have a certain expectation and if it doesn't turn out like I hoped, I'm disappointment. I was actually imaging a lad nar type dish. I'm going to try again. Thanks for the vote of confidence.