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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Girls Night out and My Ate's Birthday

It seems I'm always doing something.  I love being busy and feeling productive but sometimes I just need to get out.  With work, school, family, and of course baking I won't notice until weeks later I haven't seen anybody outside of my daily routine.  It is nice to go out and spend times with the Girls.  My cousins and myself decided to go out for my Ate's birthday (it was two weeks ago).  We watched Valentine's day.  It was really cute and for those who watched Love actually it is very similar but with American actors and actress instead of the British stars.  I recommend it for a girls night out.  Guy may not like it as much unless you get lucky with the sensitive ones.  After watching the movie, we decided to have dinner at Guava in Westmont.  The food was wonderful.  It was a tapas restaurant and you knew everything was homemade.  Appetizer consist of goat cheese in a tomato sauce and toasted bread.  It was so good, nice and warm and the tomato sauce was season perfectly.  I wish I was able to take a picture but we were hungry :D .  Each of us decided to go with entrees instead of the traditional tapas.  I went with a plantain crusted tilapia. 
It was delicious.  The rice and mango salsa complimented the fish very well.  The rice reminded me of a sticky rice and I swear I tasted coconut milk.  It was so good I saved half for The Husband so he could try some.  The dish had a great balance of sweet and savory, just the way I like it.  The rest of my cousins enjoyed the food so much, they were able to finish everything. 
I also saved half my meal for dessert.  How could I not?  We are at a Latin restaurant, I was sure there was something amazing on the menu.  I  went with a guava torte. The cake was so soft, it was a chiffon like cake.  The filling was made of a guava mousse.  guava could be quite sweet depending on how it was made but this wasn't too sweet.  It was served with a scoop of coconut ice cream (btw one of my favorite).  Since it was my cousin's birthday, we got a birthday cake.  It was a chocolate tres leche cake topped with a chocolate mousse.  Lets just say, both desserts was immediately gone.  It was really good. 
It was a great place and I'm hoping to visit again.  It was great to get out and sometimes you need it.  If you can, hang out with your friends or family.  It helps you relax and be yourself even for a night!


  1. It is always nice just to be with the Girls. It is wonderful to have dinner and fully enjoy the meal. It was great being with you. We must do that again.

    ♥♥♥ Ate Marnie

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