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Monday, January 25, 2010

Pan de Coco

Pan de Coco
My Pan De Sal Adventure continues........

Since I finally conqured Pan de Sal after quite a few gruiling attemps, you would think I wouldn't be able to look at another Pan de Sal.  You guess wrong!  I only get homemade Pan de Sal if I fly out to see The Parents (they live in California - Filipino Central).  I like it there but Chicago is my home so I had to make due with the commerical Pan de Sal.  It is alright but nothing compared to homemade.  You could probably imagine how exicted I was when I figured it out.  Ok I was dancing in my kitchen much to The Husbands embarressment and puzzlement.  He just doesn't understand :D  I just had to run with it since I figured it out.  A request came to try Pan de Coco.  I tried this prior with my ensaymada dough.  It came out ok but it became hard right away.  So I had to try it with this dough.  I questioned if the dough would be too soft but it was a nice balance.  Unfortunately it did leak from the bottom hense the wax paper on the bottom.  I'm so smart...SMRT...I'm so smart..SMRT.  Sorry I have a bad tentency to quote the Simpsons.  Pan de Coco is pretty much Pan de Sal with a filling of sweeten coconut.  Instead of using regular sugar, brown sugar is a better choice and it adds a nice flavor due to the molasses.  My cousin loves this stuff so I always make extra for her.  The dough was nice and soft and the center had a nice sweetness.  I also brushed butter on top to add a nice sheen and a salty aspect.  Though sweet is great but there needs to a balance.  I'm also the person that would eat ice cream with potato chips, especially mango sherbet.  I'm a weird one :D  Assembly was similar to making hopia just softer. 

A sweet bread dough of your choice: could use pan de sal, ensaymada if you like it eggy, brioche (actually a nice taste)
Shredded Coconut
Brown Sugar
*I did put in measurements due to the fact it depends on person preference.  It should 1 to 1 but some people like sweeter filling or just more coconut. 

If you are using froze coconut, you might want to divid the package or it might go bad.  For 14 pieces I only used 1/4 of the package.  I asked The Husband to cut the package.  I actually defrosted the package in the microwave but you don't have to.  Mix the coconut and brown sugar and let it sit at least for 1/2 an hour.  While that is sitting, make your sweet bread.  Divide the dough into equal parts and roll out into a disk.  Place about a tablespoon coconut mixture in the center and bring up the edges.  Place on a greased baking pan and let it rise until it doubles in size.  Cook at 35o degrees for 15-20 minutes depending on your oven.  A couple of minutes before it is cooked, brush some melted butter.  Bake until it is a nice golden brown.  There might be some leakage, remove the pan de sal from the pan and let it cool on a cooling rack.  You are also able to eat it right out of the oven but be careful, it may be hot :D.


Wait until is it doubles in size.

 The Finish product. 


Joy Alegria-Vizcarra

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