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Friday, October 21, 2011

No food Friday


I like to think myself as a foodie (at least I like to think I am in my little world).  I also so like to think I since I love to eat, can't you tell? Lately, I have been expanding my creativity into other outlets like trying to improve on my photography, helping family and friend in their party planning, and even doing crafts with The Daughter.  Prior my leave from work I did quite of bit of research on projects for The Daughter.  One of the projects we attempted was homemade lipgloss. 
Background story: I grew up as a tom boy.  I didn't even wear makeup on a regular basis into college .  Even now I tend to forget to put it on.  I hated to wear dresses or skirts.   I even had more guy friends than girl friends.  As much of a tom boy I was, The Daughter is the girlest girl you could find in a two year.
1. She loves pink as much as I love wearing the color black. 
2. She finds my makeup and uses it even though I barely wear any.
3. She loves the accessories.  Shoes are her favorite thing (I prefer sneakers over heels)
This child will make me poor.

So I set to making our own lipgloss since she has a tendency to either lose it or use it up.  The process is fairly simple: mix and stir.
Homemade lipgloss
(Adapted from a few mommy boggers' sites)
Little containers
1. Mix the koolaid and vasaline really well.
2. Put in a container
*make sure all of the koolaid is completely dissolved or it may hurt a little.
It should have a slight flavor of the Koolaid and a faint tint. You are able to make any flavor or tint you want and it is fun to make up new ones.


  1. This sounds like a lot of fun! I would have loved making home made lipgloss when I was your daughter's age (and still would).

  2. This is nice..I will try this nga with my daughter...