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About Me and My Goals

About Me 
This all started when The Mom started making homemade bake goods from the Philippines.  When The Mom decided to move to california with the rest of the Filipinos, I missed the food.  I started baking and cooking slowly until I had cookbook full of recipes that reminded of my childhood.  As I started to learn the various recipes, friends and family started to request various bake goods they had when The Mother was around.  I'm in the process of getting my own catering company started and the same time.  In the process of planning, I'm also experiementing and learning from my mistakes.  I believe the best way to learn is by making mistakes or misadventures in my world and learn from them.  Each error gets you closer to the perfect bite.  As I learn from my experiences, I find inspiration everywhere.  I have been intrigued by all different cuisines and each once influence one way or another in my cooking.

On a daily basis, I read food blogs and updates.  I find recipes that I would love to try and see if I could make it my own.  My list of recipes is at about 300 and growing.  I know I will never get to the point of making to every recipe but I will try my hardest to try them.  The food may not come out exactly how I wanted it but I hope I would learn some from the Misadventures and have fun doing it.  

Blogging Goals
I try as much as I could be blog consistently.  Life does happen but I hope to keep this constant when life gets a bit hectic.    Some people may have a general theme to their blog but I plan to just write about my Misadventures and learning experiences.  

Thanks you
I would like to thank you ahead of time for your support and I hope to entertain you as I continue on my Misadventures.
* This is The Daughter and everything I do, I do for her