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Monday, August 2, 2010

I got an award - Versatile Blogger Award

Thanks you guys. When I first started this blog, didn’t realized how large the food blogger community was. I thought I was a great way to my progress, like a diary. I soon found a wonderful community that shared the same passion as I do. Though I have never met some of my fellow bloggers, I feel as if I know them. Thank you so much for this award.

Guidelines in accepting this award

1. Who I want to Thank?
Thank you so much Ela  and Emily

2. 7 Tidbits about Me
  1. I just started to really cook (other than Mac and Cheese and Cereal) a couple of years ago when The Husband moved in.
  2. I played some sort of instrument since the age of 5 though I could hardly play anything.
  3. I had about 10 majors during my undergrad just to go back to my original major
  4. I have been the mother type before I was a mother.
  5. I attract misfits, including The Husband.
  6. I’m happiest when I’m super busy. My current life consists of a full-time job, blogging of course, starting a catering company, getting my masters, and of course my family.
  7. My biggest pet peeve is when people smell their food prior eating it. As if they need to make sure it smells OK before they experience the flavor.

 3. Share the award to 15 other bloggers who you have recently discovered and think are fantastic.
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  1. First let me congratulate you for getting this award, your blog is a joy to read and thanks for sharing some of yourself with us! and thank you so very much for thinking of me with this award, I am deeply honored!

  2. Congrats and thanks for sharing the award. MWAH!:)

  3. Hi Joy
    Congratulations! And thanks for sharing it with me!
    Good Day!

  4. Joy: I had no idea you were Filipino, and we've visited you blog a number of times now since we joined FoodBuzz a couple of weeks ago :). Thank you so much for the award! We'll post it up in a couple of days.

    Actually I just clicked on your "Filipino" category, and I'm totally wowed! I haven't tried a lot of these recipes, and I'll have to check back on your site to compare and contrast them with my mom's. Reading your turon post made me crave them!

  5. deserve it...and thank you so much for the mention. It means a lot to me. So I loved learning more about you, but I'm curious, what did you end up majoring in? (And i hate it when people smell their food too!)

  6. Thank you for the versatile award! I love reading these types of posts - they make me learn more about the wonderful blogger behind the posts!

  7. Thank you sooo much- that's so awesome! I need to figure out how to put that on my site now! :) I love your site, too!

  8. Hearty gongrats to you and your friends!

  9. Congratulations on your awards! Thanks for sharing the tidbits about yourself!

  10. Congratulations on your award! I just started blogging and I have met a wonderful community of passionate people,who inspire me.

  11. congratulations!!! good work! :)

  12. Thanks everybody.

    @Monet - I originally started with pre-med, than nursing but this was during high school. Once I started college it was Computer Science with a double major in music. Than I went to Management information system, Accounting, Business Administration, Photography, Business information Systems, Computer information system. I than had 3 more majors after myself getting my degree.

  13. Congratulations on your award!!! Well deserved! And thank you, for passing the award to me - I am so flattered to be listed among such creative and, yes, versatile, bloggers! What a wonderful community of foodies there is, and I'm glad to have crossed paths with you. Thank you!

    BTW - I also hate when people sniff their food before tasting. And also when they automatically reach for salt!

  14. Congrats on the award!! And thanks soo much for sharing it with me!!:)) much honored to be listed as a versatile blogger!!!

  15. Congrats on your award:) And to your recipients as well...Great job:)

  16. Yay award! Don't get mad at the sniffers. Most of what we taste is through our sense of smell.The great thing about food is that it gives all of our senses a chance to be happy. Take the almighty bacon. We can appreciate the look of a fresh piece of meat. If it looks funky, we aren't going to want to eat it. The crackle, the smell, the crisp bite, and don't forget the taste, are all the things that make us enjoy what we are eating. I say sniff away, but be tactful about it. No face in the plate.