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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gah - I need an assistant

I swear, I can't seem to catch up or even keep track of dates.  I do keep purchasing notebooks and I have multiple calenders and I'm still a day behind.  I am so behind that I missed the post date of my guest post. 

Check out my "misadventure" letting The Daughter pick out what we make for dinner over at Stay at Home Foodie.  It was posted yesterday but I swear it was today.  I'm that behind.  I am in dire need of an assistant or a better way to be organized. 

On Another Note.....

I am updated on pinterest and for the most part blogs I have love to get inspiration from.  Here are some links I would love to share with you.


  1. Glad to know I'm not alone. I am a compulsive list maker but always lose my lists or forget to read them. Hopeless case. Great guest post. So nice to see "the daughter" all grown up.

  2. Haha....I can identify with you! A friend kept pestering me to get a diary. Finally I got one. I tried my best to write down my appointments but then, I always forgot to check back......hmmmm. Age problem I think...haha

  3. I completely know how you feel. Maybe in the future, we'll have personalized robots to do all the mundane and tedious things :)

    Have a great weekend, my friend ;)
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